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Bows 4 Paws!

Hello my pet loving friends!

Are you a cat or a dog lover? According to studies, cat lovers tend to be introverted, intuitive, sensitive, and more receptive; while dog lovers tend to be less stressed and more cheerful. So whether you have a cat or a dog, we will be learning how to make a bowtie for our furry friends using the elegant Houndstooth XIV Onix from the romantic Decadence collection. I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as Kobi did while posing and eating treats.


Start by measuring around the neck of your furry friend or the collar length to figure out the size of your bowtie and the pieces that you need to cut. The neck strap should be 3" longer than the collar length.



Lay your pieces in front of you to fold them in half following the white arrows in the first diagram, and stitch at 1/4" from the edge following the turquoise guides in the second diagram. Make sure to leave an opening in the bow body to turn it to the right side.



Press your seams and turn the pieces to the right side. Here I will show you one of my favorite ways to do it. All you need is a hand sewing needle and a thread: make a strong stitch at one end of the strap, pass the needle through the inside of the tube gathering the fabric until the tip of the needle crosses to the other side, then carefully pull the needle with one hand and help the fabric go through the hole with the other hand.


Press the again pushing the raw edges towards the inside of each piece. Edge stitch each rectangle following the turquoise guides:


Fold the bow body like an accordion and hold it with your fingertips. Take the center strap and roll it around the bow body. Secure the center strap hand sewing the edge. Make sure the needle doesn't sew through the bow body.



Take the neck strap and cross it between the center strap and the bow body in the back side. To finish it up, just saw a small piece of Velcro to each end of the strap!


Do you have a pet that would look great in a bow tie?! :)

Happy bow-tie making!

 - Laucara