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Upcoming Fabric Collection Reveals - Fall / Winter 2018


Hello Fabric Lovers, 

Are you ready?! Yes, it is that time of year once again, where Art Gallery Fabrics reveals their upcoming fabric collections for Fall / Winter 2018! As a fabric lover/ AGF Fan I am like a kid at Christmas excited to finally see what all of our amazing AGF fabric designers have been working so hard on the past few months! I am truly blown away every collection reveal being able to see so many gorgeous designs. I immediately start dreaming of all the projects I want to make with all the different collections! All of our designers are amazingly talented individuals with  unique styles, coming from so many different backgrounds which ends up creating  special fabric collections that our made with love, purpose and with you mind. Without further ado, below you will get a glimpse of all the great new fabrics to come!

Which collections are you excited to start working with? Click  the pictures below to view all the prints in each collection. Check out the videos below where each designer shares their inspiration behind their new collection.  Happy exploring and don't forget to mark the dates on your calendar for the release of each collection! :) 



Inspired by the days of performing in theatre, our designer Bari J shines the spotlight on romantic and bold prints that take center stage in this fabric collection. With a distinct color palette filled with jewel-tones, there’s no doubt that these fabrics fuse together harmony, opulence, and of course, drama!

Right away I am thinking of home decor projects, pillows, table clothes, wall hangings, my mind is spinning with sewing possibilities. Bari J is famous for her hand painted florals that are masterpieces in themselves which is why I would use a lot of her prints for the backing of my quilts or even make whole cloth quilts to enjoy the beauty of her lushes floral designs. 




“Little Clementine” is  adorned with enchanted forests and ditsy florals, these prints tell the story of Little Clementine, a little girl who enjoys reading books and befriending forest creatures like bears and rabbits. With nostalgic and whimsical elements, these fabrics are filled with soft, autumnal tones that make this collection, an extra cozy one!

I got my rotary cutter and fussy cut rulers ready to start cutting the cute elements out of these precious fabrics! We all know people that have little ones in there lives and this collection possess amazing opportunities for creating nursery decor! 






Inspired by the classical music of Ludwig van Beethoven, our designer Amy Sinibaldi takes us on a musical journey with her latest collection “Sonata". Composed of romantic prints, these fabrics include symphony instruments, harmonious florals like edelweiss, and ornate windows that overlook the wondrous city of Vienna.

Any music lovers out there? As we all in our own way cherish the sounds of music and the happiness it brings, it's super fun to be able to have this sweet fabric collection to add to our to sew list! The color palette in this collection is the first thing that stops me in my tracks, I always look to Amy for collections that have a soft, delicate touch! 



Collection-4 Aura
Embark on a tropical adventure with Mister Domestic’s fabric collection, “Aura.” Gathering inspiration from his own travels to Hawaii with his daughter, these fabrics highlight whimsical sea creatures and mesmerizing, geometric designs. With a vibrant color palette, these lush flora and fauna prints will instantly transport your sewing room into a Polynesian paradise!

Having never been to Hawaii I would definitely say sewing with this collection might be the second best thing! This collection being Mister Domestic's second collection with AGF I can safely say that he has truly found his signature style. 


Collection-5 Legendary

Using passion and persistence as her creative fuel, Pat Bravo has created 40 fabric collections over the past fourteen years and “Legendary” celebrates this artistic journey! With striking colors and energetic prints, these fabrics feature the “best selling” designs through the years while honoring Pat’s signature style.

Being a fan of Pat's designs for many years I have fallen in love with her use of color and free-spirited  bohemian style. She did a phenomenal job carefully selecting each one of these designs and recoloring them in ways that bring a whole new identity to the print! I am very much looking forward to sewing so many new project with this exquisite collection. 


Go bold or go home! Our latest “Striped Knits” now include 4 NEW BOLD STRIPES PRINTS that are 1” inch wide, so you can play with variations of scale and contrast in your sewing projects. These striped fabrics have a four-way stretch, incredibly soft, and are very “forgiving” on your sewing machine. Without a doubt, you’ll want to wear whatever you make, all day long.  

For years I have been on myself to create more garments for myself. Last New Year's Eve, a few of my sewing friends and I pledged to not buy any new clothes for the year of 2018. With 2019 approaching I think I am set to go another year with out purchasing any new outfits, especially with all the great knit fabrics that AGF offers! 



For your color mood! If you didn’t know, “Floral Elements” is one of our original AGF blender lines that has been essential to complement most of our main fabric designs. This time around, we added 6 NEW COLORS to this line. With these new vivid and textural colors, you’ll have even more options to mix and match in your sewing projects.

AGF Blenders are my go to for background fabrics and for mixing and matching into my quilt designs. These fantastic new colors are so striking and will  for sure make a great addition to my future quilts! 


Collection-8 Sunkissed
With Maureen Cracknell's new collection called “Sun Kissed," we’re venturing to tropical climates.  Inspired by soaking up the sunshine, this collection features cheerful suns, tropical botanicals, and colorful pool tiles. With a color palette of ocean blues, cherry reds, and citrus yellows, these fabric prints truly create a relaxing “island escape” feel!

This collection is being released in the most perfect time of year, with  December being one of the coldest months out of the year this collection will have us day dreaming of warm weather and summer time outfits! Any of you taking a Winter Holiday to some place warm? This collection calls for the creation of  cruise wear and beach bags! 


Collection-9 Art-district

A bite-size collection featuring AGF designers, Dana Willard, Caroline Hulse, Pat Bravo and AGF studio, “Art District Fusion” mixes together a wide array of expressive textures and bright colors. With painterly marks and strokes, these prints celebrate the “beat and pulse” of the artistic community here in Miami. With fun, eye-catching designs, this collection is fit for anyone who appreciates discovering “hidden art” while exploring the streets of an art district.

I love the concept of AGF's Fusion collections because there is a theme that caters to all the people in your life and since they are bite size collections consisting of 10 prints they are so easy to work with. Pick a few of your favorite AGF Blenders and your favorite Fusion collection and your well on your way to creating something new and fantastic! 



Collection-10 Silkroad

“Silk Road Fusion” transports us to Asia, highlighting ancient Asian techniques of brushwork modernized with geometrics. This collection creates an exotic mix of what’d you discover while traveling the trading route that connected the East to the West. These bold, impactful designs celebrate “old world meets new world” craftsmanship and also serve as a reminder to never to forget the past. 

SUPER excited about this brand new Fusion, with black and red being colors you don't see too much in AGF Fabric Collections, I am thrilled to start sewing with this incredible color palette.



I hope you are as excited as I am to start sewing with these lovely new collections! Any future plans in the works using these inspiring new collections? Can't wait to see what you all make! :)

Click the LookBook below for more insight on our upcoming collections! 


Happy Sewing,