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Must Have Sewing Supplies- What's in your Sewing Kit?

Hello Makers,

What’s in your sewing kit? Over the years my sewing supplies have grown in numbers and I reminisce back to my days as a beginner quilter and think, “WOW, if only I knew about this sewing tool when I first started quilting!”  I know for me having the right tools for the job I am trying to get done saves me from major headaches and frustration. So today I wanted to share with you a few of my must have sewing supplies! Make sure to watch the video at the end of the blog post for more great tips for beginner quilters! 


Fabric Marking Pens

Fabric Marking Pens are a game changer and I could not image not having one handy when I start a new quilting project. Friction pens are my favorite because they come in so many different colors and draw nicely onto the fabric when I need to mark my sewing lines, quilting lines or mark specific places on my project.

The pen marks are erased easily by applying the heat from your iron over it!

Small Sharp Scissors

Small Sharp Scissors are a must to have with you at all times. They are perfect for clipping your threads as you sew.

Seam Ripper

The Seam Ripper is a tool we all hate but learn to love! As much as we just want to sew everything correctly the first time around,  that always doesn’t happen... especially when you are new to sewing. So get ready to make your seam ripper your new best friend and clean to be calm and and enjoy the process. I promise once you start sewing regularly you and the seam ripper will spend less time together because like in all  crafts practice makes perfect.

Clear Acrylic Rulers

Having a few different size clear Acrylic quilting rulers will make the cutting process so much easier and pleasant.

For cutting strips our larger pieces of fabric I would recommend a long ruler at least 6 ½” x 24”.

Then I would also recommend some smaller square rulers to help with trimming or cutting squares from your strips of fabrics. I always love to have a 4 ½” and 2 ½ “square ruler near by.

Two other rulers that also come in super handy is a 2 ½” x 12 ½” ruler to help mark straight edges into your fabric. As well as a big 12” square ruler to help square up finished quilt blocks.

Flat head Pins

Glass Head Sewing Pins

When I first started quilting my eyes were opened to the giant new world of pins and all the different kinds of pins out there for all types of purposes. Two types of pins I use the most are these flower flat head head pins that are easy to find in your work and lays flat against your fabrics as you sew. I also love these crystal glass head pins because the heads are small, the needle is long and sharp and can be ironed over without melting!

Tide Pen

The last thing I make sure to have in bulk are tide pins. You may be wondering why in the world should I keep a tide pen in my sewing kit!? Well because life happens, and the last thing you want is a stain on your in progress quilt top. I always make sure to throw a tide pen in random areas in my sewing space, purse, and at work. When life happens you will be prepared! :)

Having the right supplies in your sewing kit will start your your sewing journey in the right direction. What are your "must have sewing supplies"? I would love to hear what you all can’t live without, so share in the comment below!  


Make sure to check out my new Youtube Video where I share great tips for beginner quilters and things I wish I knew or paid more attention too back when I first started quilting!


Happy Sewing,