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Color Master Box of the Month! Midnight Ocean

Midnight Ocean color mood board

Did you know the color blue is considered a beneficial color for the body and produces a calming effect? I totally understand what they mean after seeing a bundle like this one from the “Color Master Box” in Midnight Ocean Edition. It makes me want to sit there and just pet the bundle until it speaks to me 😂. I am sure everyone needs a moment of silence when they see something beautiful, just how we would stare at the stars on a dark night. Especially now transitioning into the month of September, the nights are cooler and we can stare at all the beauty! This month, what better to choose this “Color Master Box” and this mood board that represent this transition. From white flowers that glimmer from the moonlight, starry nights, and the bold assortment of prints that compliment the deep blue color.

Let’s get these sewing machines running and start creating for the next month! With this unique tones of dark blue, take your fabric projects to the next level! All you need is one box to make a project that's perfect for the month, and you can get it in two sizes: Fat Quarters or Half yards.

Here are some projects from the lookbooks that you can make with the “Color Master Box”!

Sewing inspo

Hobo Bag #1: An everyday bag featuring the print “Blossom Swale Depth” to be the center of attention. Elevate your look by pairing this unique, decorative bag with any solid print outfit like a off-white tunic and olive-green palazzo pants. Download the pattern here.

Plenum Quilt #2:As you may know by now, we have created a new AGF Kit that comes with everything you need to sew a quilt top and it allows you to create this amazing “Plenum” kit! The kit includes a 10 piece bundle, two additional fabrics for the background, accents, and easy-to-follow instructions!


Birdie Bag #3: Using “Remembrose Dolies Dark” print to make this vintage fold-over bag for a romantic evening. Download the pattern here.

This “Color Master Box” can give you the option of using just one print or several to compliment any of your sewings designs. Although this bundle highlights the color blue, each print has distinct color palettes that make it easy to pair with other projects. For example, the print called Remembrose Dolies Dark” (print shown below, circled in red) has white, bright yellows, and a dark peaches that can help piece together other fabrics with a matching color palette.

Midnight Ocean Bundle Circled

Remember that this box is there for your convenience, and has many uses! The “Color Master Box” can keep your fabrics organized and neatly displayed for easy finding, or you can share the love, because it’s perfectly curated in a box for an easy present!

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If you create any of these lovely projects, please tag us using the hashtag #ArtGalleryFabrics and #AGFColorMaster so we can see your creations!

Happy Sewing!