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Back to School Sewing Essentials

Greetings, makers!


I can’t believe summer’s almost over. I remember as a kid (when I was age 12) I would dread listening to all the “back to school” commercials in mid-July 😂, especially since my mom would worry about getting my supplies early because if you waited too long, shopping becomes chaotic with all the parents scrambling to get what they need. But here we are now, 10 years later repeating history with my 12 year old brother! My brother is starting school in the next couple of weeks, and although he is not excited, he is looking forward on picking out a backpack. To him, that is the only thing that matters and I don’t blame him, everyone wants to look cool, right?

Luckily, I work with very talented makers that have sewn wonderful projects that are totally “back-to-school” worthy of creating! So, I gathered some of my favorite essentials from past lookbooks with free patterns, so that you can be ready when the school comes too!

1: Bucket Bag made with Arizona After and Heritage fabrics. I wish I had this backpack when I was going to school! Bucket bags are the best because it involves no zippers that gets stuck with all your folders and papers. Arizona After & Heritage Backpack 2 1


#2 Insulated Lunch bag made with Campsite fabrics. I think everyone growing up really avoided cafeteria food, at least I did! But I definitely would of brought lunch to school more often if I had a lunch bag like this one! Capsules Campsite Lunch Bag 5



#3 Lined Booked Cover made with Flower Child fabrics. Make organizing more adorable with these book covers, that you can adjust to any size journal you may have. Flower Child Journal Cover 2

#4 Stationary bag made with Lambkin fabrics.I actually have a funny story about this, when I was in the first grade, the girl that sat next to me had the coolest set of crayola crayons. I was so jealous because I had the basic primary colors but luckily (for me) we actually had the same pencil pouch at the time, so when she wasn’t looking, I replaced my bag with hers so I can have all her crayons, haha! Don’t let your kids go through this trauma with some easy DIY pouches. Lambkin Boy - more 4

#5 Sketchbook and Pencil holder made with Wild Bloom fabrics. Keep all your notes and supplies in one place with an organizer like this one! You can adjust the width of each pocket to hold any notebook, pencil, or even some sticky notes. Wild Bloom Book Cover 1


No need to panic anymore, because we have all your sewing “back to school” essentials right here! Let's get the kids excited again with their own custom supplies. Looking back at those days, I wish I was kid again! So many good stories to tell from growing up, and if you have any funny stories to tell from your childhood please comment down below!


As always, we love to share the love and see your creations, so tag us on social media using the hashtag #ArtGalleryFabrics!


Wishing everyone a great school year,