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Festive Magic: "Sparkler" Fabric Collection

One Tube, Two Blocks!

Hello my creative friends!

Who likes to save time while making beautiful things? If you do, today I will show you a way to get two different types of blocks from one strip set. It's really easy and saves you time while minimizing fabric waste! The fabrics I chose are from the blooming and hand-drawn styled Signature Collection and from the Pure Elements: Extempore Fancy (Fabric A), White Linen (Fabric B), Venture Caravan (Fabric C), and Sporangia Plaid Dotted (Fabric D).



I started by cutting one (1) WOF (Width of Fabric) x 1 5/8" strip from each of the four (4) fabrics to get 3" x 3" finished blocks. I also went the extra mile and came up with a small chart just in case you would like to make your blocks in different sizes :)


After sewing and pressing the strip set the interesting part started ... I aligned the top edge from fabric A with the bottom edge from fabric C and joined them converting the strip set into a tube. Then I pressed the tube to make sure it laid flat on the table.

Then I took the ruler and aligned the 45 degree angle guide with the bottom and top edges of my tube to make 45 degree angle cuts along the length of my tube.



Once I got my triangles, I carefully pulled the tips apart with my hands (no seam ripper necessary).


As a result I got two (2) different types of blocks:


Finally I took four (4) of each of the two (2) types of blocks and played around placing them in different ways to discover some of the endless possibilities ;)


What is your favorite combination? I am really liking number 1, 3 and 5.

Happy discovering!!!