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Braids and Quilting!

Hello my quilting friends!

Did you know that hair braiding has a special meaning? Weaving the three strands of hair represents the strengthening of the mind, body, and spirit! I was so inspired by this thought and so in love with the joyous Sparkler Fusion collection that I figured they would be the perfect match to make quilting braids using hexies ... a great way to create beautiful projects with a heartwarming meaning.


I started by choosing three different fabrics; Crystal Pink for fabric A, Chads Sparkler for fabric B, and Doiland Gloss Sparkler for fabric C to cut 2” hexies. You can choose any size of hexies, just make sure all of them are the same size.



Then I cut each hexie in half from corner to corner.


Finally the braiding began…this is the step where I had to pay the most attention to because the joining sides didn’t measure the same. I lined up the short side from fabric A with the long side from fabric B, I sewed them and then I pressed the seam. (Diagram 3)

After this point the following steps were very easy … I just lined up the long side from fabric C with the side of the braid where fabric A and B are joined, then I sewed the seam and pressed again. (Diagram 4)




I kept on joining half hexies following the same order A – B – C – A – B – C … until my braid got a little longer than what I wanted. And to finish it, I just trimmed the top and bottom edges to square it.


So after talking about the meaning and the technique, who in your life would you make a braided quilt for?

Happy braiding,

- Laucara