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DIY Fabric Accessories

Hello, makers!

    When I was growing up, I was never the one to dress up or put any jewelry. My mom always hated that I was a tomboy, haha! She would always make me feel bad for not dressing like a “lady”, especially if I walked out of the house without earrings! I guess now, that all grew on me because today I am the complete opposite. I feel weird not wearing any accessories and as you may all know from previous blog posts, I love to paint my nails too! Being such a girly-girl now, I really enjoy putting together an outfit and adding a handmade accessory.

    If you’re an Art Gallery Fabrics fan, you know our lookbooks are filled with wonderful patterns and inspiration for accessories. Since statement earrings and necklaces are high on the trend radar right now for Summer and Fall 2018, I decided to share some pieces that speak to that style, so that you’re up to date with the latest ways to accessorize. All of these fabric accessories also include a tutorial!

1. Buttercup Necklace: If you have a love for EPP projects and accessories, this one goes out to you! Made with Love To Pieces fabrics, make a bold statement with this necklace and complete the look with a tutorial on garment in the lookbook.


2. Love Rosie Earrings: Wild Bloom fabrics is known for its bright fuchsias and oranges, but there is nothing better to pair up this fabric collection with flashy earrings.

Wild Bloom Earrings 1

3. Blossom Spice Earrings:  Besides my love for tassels, long earrings are making a combat in the fashion world. Made with Spices Fusion fabrics, the colors are perfect for any pair of fall colors including some saturated plums and oranges.

Fusions Spices Earrings 1

4. Dashing Earrings: These earrings are the equivalent of wearing a bold lip color. It’s just as easy to put on but it will completely transform your outfit. Make your look effortless with Aligned fabrics, containing modern colors with basic blacks and whites.


Capsules Aligned Earrings 3

5. Dream Big Hexagon: Another quick paper piecing project that you can create fun designs on! Like a little flamingo or mini flying geese, how it’s shown in the picture. These hexies were made with Hello Ollie fabrics. ArtGalleryFabrics_Hello Ollie_Necklaces_1

If these projects inspired you to sew more projects, don’t forget to share all your wonderful creations on social media using the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics!


Keep creating,