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AGF MYSTERY MONDAY - Can You Guess What's in The Bag?


Hi Makers, 

Ever since I can remember I love "mysteries." From reading Nancy Drew books to playing the board game "Clue" to watching that 90's tv show "Unsolved Mysteries" and Alfred Hitchcock films, I was always obsessed with trying to "solve a puzzle." I loved the challenge of trying to use hints to solve what really happened while being in suspense, and often creeping myself out! 

Luckily, this is a different kind of suspense and I hope you'll enjoy trying to figuring the clues as well. In case you missed our last "AGF Mystery Monday" giveaway, this is a fun approach to our fabric giveaways that require you to put your detective hat on! See all the details below on how to enter the giveaway.


Try to solve the mystery! Can you guess what's inside the bag? I'll give you a hint below. To enter the giveaway, make sure to do the following:

  1. *Comment below with what you think is in the "mystery bag."
  2. *Fill out the form below.
  3. *Share this blog post with a friend! 



Let the guessing begin! ** Giveaway is closed! **

Make sure to stay tuned to our blog for the REVEAL (next Monday, July 16th) of what's inside this mystery bag. 

Good luck and have a wonderful week!

- Sophia