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Hello, wanderlust makers!

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I can’t believe that summer is almost here and all the kids are on vacation. The best time to be going on roadtrips, exploring different countries, or just going to amusement parks (one of my favorites)! Everyone at our office has been talking a lot about travel lately, I guess we were all bit by the travel bug, haha! My future travel plans are taking a cruise to Mexico in the Fall! With all this travel talk, I was inspired to gather some essential travel items that you can sew for your next adventure!


Here’s my “Top 5 Travel Essentials” that includes free patterns:


#1 Neck Pillow: Is it even possible to sleep on a plane without a neck pillow? I know I can’t! A neck pillow is needed for comfortable rest. You can find the free pattern in the Striped Knits Lookbook and the print is called Striped Alike Aqua.


#2 Passport Holder: Sometimes, it’s easy to make a mess in your travel bag during a trip or even lose something during transit. Here is a solution! This passport holder will protect your passport from anything that might spill in your bag and it will make it easy to recognize. You can make learn to make this in the Mediterraneo Lookbook with the Shell Blaze Night print.


#3 Fanny Pak: Let’s bring back the fanny pak please… I’d especially wear one now with Esoterra fabric! Make this for yourself to satisfy your 80s/90s style using the Dinosaurs print.


#4 Sleeping Mask: It’s hard to sleep with the airplane lights on… solve that with these sleeping masks! Pair this with your neck pillow and you will be set for any ong flight. Find the free pattern in the our Lambkin lookbook and let Sir Wooly comfort you during any trip.


#5 Portside Travel Set: You can’t go on a trip without bringing your stuff! Make this your go-to denim duffle as it’s easy to spot at the baggage claim. This bag was spotted in out Denim Studios lookbook and made with Afternoon Sail print.


If you’re sewing obsessed, who needs to buy these essentials at the store when you can make them yourself?!! Hope these travel essentials inspire you to create something for your next big journey. As always, please feel free to tag us at #artgalleryfabrics if you make any of these projects, I would love to see your creations!


Happy travels,