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Mini Quilt Tutorial- Watermelon Snowcone

Hey Everyone,

Are you ready for summer? Growing up in the cold Midwest all winter long I would dream of summer.  Summer meant no school, days filled with bike riding and being outside enjoy the warm summer sun.  With summer just around the corner it has me wanting to sew with the bright beautiful colors that remind us all of the this amazing sunny season. With Coral being my favorite color to wear in the hot summer months I decided why not make a mini quilt featuring one of AGF's Colormaster Boxes.  The Coraline Edition has a great mix of blenders and focal prints. I am obsessed with the cute dragonfly print which I used for the back of my mini! I love it when your backing turns out just as cute as your quilt top! Hope you have fun making the Watermelon Snow Cone mini, as you dream about all the summer fun you will have with family and friends. 


Fabrics Used

16" Finished Mini

Fabric A- WNG-2027 Plumage Poppy
Fabric B- CTL-59901 Buoyant Vista
Fabric C- MWK-1118 Vitrine Watermarks Glaze
Fabric D- HCF-59308 Sprayed Doodles Coral
Fabric E- PE-408- White Linen
Binding -PE-450 Grapefruit
Backing - NTF- 77905 Nox Iridescence Aglow


Cutting Directions

Eight (8) 2 ½” x 4 ½” strips from Fabric A, B,C, and D

Sixty Four (64) 2 ½” squares from Fabric E


Block Construction

 I love how this mini is to put together because its only one block unit repeated 16 times which creates this super fun zig zag pattern!  To create a unit you will need two 2 ½” x 4 ½” strips from Fabric A and four 2 ½” squares from Fabric E. Draw a diagonal line with a fabric marking pen on the wrong side of all your 2 ½” squares. Place squares on the top of each 2 ½” x 4 ½” strip with the diagonal lines facing in.


Pin your pieces together and sew on the line you drew. Trim your seam allowance to ¼” and press your seams in alternating directions.


Repeat this process with your remaining two squares with the diagonal lines facing in. Sew on the line you drew and trim seam allowance to ¼”. Press seams in alternating directions.


Now sew both of your pieces together making sure seams match. And voila one block unit complete.


Repeat this process fifteen more times with your remaining fabric pieces. Sew similar block units into rows and then sew your rows together to get a cool looking mini like mine!


Now... for my favorite part choosing the thread and backing. I choose the "Nox Iridescence  Aglow" print for my backing!  The dragonflies in this print are so cute and have me thinking of picnics at the park watching them float around in zag zag patterns. I chose a really yummy orangey coral thread to match my fabrics and decided to do a little straight line echo stitching in the white areas of my mini! I varied the width of the lines and I love the final finished look! 



Wanna  see more ways to incorporate this gorgeous color into your everyday sewing check out this blog post we wrote featuring the Coraline Edition Color Master Box. It will definitely get ya into the summer mood! 


Happy Sewing,