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Sewing Curves- Alice's Tulips Block Tutorial

Hi Makers, 

Have you ever not done something because you where afraid you would be bad at it? Well there has been so many moments in my life where sadly I wouldn't even bother to try something out of my comfort zone because I was afraid of the outcome. Sounds crazy saying this out loud but I know many of you suffer from this silly way of thinking. Nobody is perfect and we shouldn't be  hesitant to try new things!  I have always been scared of sewing curves but today I am jumping off the deep end and making the  Alice's Tulips Block.  If you have any tips for sewing curves leave them in the comments below I would love to read them and put your tips to practice because like we all know "practice makes perfect".  I would love for you  watch the video below where I sew up these cute 8" blocks with the yummy fabrics from Mediterraneo


 Download the templates I used here. Are you new to sewing curves too? Watch my video below and share your tips for sewing curves. 



This block was so fun to make I couldn't just make one! To checkout more sewing projects made with Mediterraneo fabrics take a peek at our new lookbook! 



 Happy Sewing ,