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Mother's Day Handmade Gift Guide

Hello, creators!

How’s everyone doing today? As you all may know, “Mother's Day” is almost here! Days like these are very important as we take the time to really appreciate all the super moms out there. Every year, I always try to give my mother the “most perfect, thoughtful” gift and what’s better than something handmade? Since my mom loves to relax at home, I made her a comfy, throw pillow last year for “Mother’s Day.” Overwhelmed with the idea of making her something again this year, I went searching for inspiration in our Lookbooks. As I discovered tons of inspiring projects, I felt the need to share some great gift ideas for every type of mother! Let this guide help you find the most fitting gift for “Mother’s Day” and make your mom feel special.


1. For the Homebody

This quilt is made from our Indie Folk collection which is a perfect gift for all those hard-working mom’s that spend their nights unwinding at home, watching movies and getting cozy. I chose this with my mother in mind as she works very hard every day and always loves relaxing at home. If your mom is similar to mine, make this quilt to end her day on a better note!

Indie Folk Quilt - FREE 1

2. For the Entertainer

 This table runner is made with our Love Story fabrics and it’s for all the mom’s that always offer their home to host events! They’re passionate about decorating for all holidays and entertaining their guests with the smallest details. Check out how you can make this table runner to complete all of your mothers' home decor dreams.



3For the Cook

This apron is made from our Indigo & Aster collection which is great for the mothers that enjoy to cook! Whether the meal is for herself or for the family, they take time to always create something delicious! Nothing is better than a homemade meal made from mom, so why not make her a handmade stylish apron?

Indigo-&-Aster-Apron-4(Hey, that’s me!)


4. For the Handbag Lover

 For this kind of mother, it’s hard to narrow it down to one type. So here are three different ideas that speak to me!

Handbag #1 was made with Mediterraneo fabrics which is ideal for any mother who really enjoys an evening out and about. Create this bag with its deep colors that can compliment any evening outfit for a night out on the town!

Bucket Bag #2 was made with Lambkin fabrics and one of the best features is how simple it is! This bag is just one big, classy pocket made for all the minimalist mothers out there. Make it her essential bag!

Amelia Handbag #3 was made with Tallinn fabrics and this bag isn’t just for any ordinary mother but for those that have really have an eclectic, funky style! Make this for her if this matches her style with fun, pink tassels, and fuzzy edges!

Handbag lover

5. For the Traveler

 If you have a mother that’s always looking for the next adventure, I have a great set of gifts you can make for the wanderlust-inspired mom!

#1 This pouch is made with Love Story fabrics and its great to keep small things together in your carry-on bag! It can fit makeup, a passport, or any necessity! You can learn to make this on Maureen’s blog.

#2 Long Flights = Neck pillow + Eyemasks! This set is made with Raise the Volume fabrics and it’s essential for any mother who seeks comfort while flying. Make this for your traveling mom!

#3 No one can leave the house without their wallets right? Check out these wallets made from our Mediterraneo fabrics.  A gift that can go wherever she goes, make it special with this print!

Traveler guide
If you make any of these projects for your mom, please share it with us on social media! Use the hashtag #ArtGalleryFabrics so we can share the love!

 Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s day!

 - Jannelle