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Community Sampler Sew Along: Block Setting

 Hello Hello,

We are getting so close to the end of the Community Sampler Sew Along and the girls in the office are so excited to see all the blocks come to life this week. This past week I got to team up with both Jannelle and Laura to create the last block of the sampler and to set all of our lovely blocks on point. Learn more about these super awesome ladies below. 


 Quilt Blocks made with Splendid Fabrics

Yay! Our quilt top is coming together! We love the way it looks.  Laura and I had the fun task of setting all the lovely blocks each girl participated in making each week. I hope you been following along. 

Get to know Laura pictured above left! 


How did you get into sewing?

I learned to hand saw basic stitches and to put buttons with my grandmother. I remember she had one of those beautiful black singer sewing machines, with gold letters, a heavy carved wood table, and an intricate iron pedal. According to my mom, that machine is still somewhere in Colombia waiting for me to bring it home :)

I studied fashion design. So my first interaction was with an industrial machine during  my first quarter of school. It was very intimidating!


What is your favorite thing to sew?

I love to sew natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, and wool, because they always respond really well to the stitches and the pressing. The resulting projects always look polished and clean.


Tell us about your first quilting experience… If you could go back and tell past you any advice what would you say?

My first quilting experience was here at AGF almost 2 years ago when I joined the production team. I was amazed by all the techniques and possibilities that it offers. It was like starting from zero again. The only advice I can give is practice, practice, and practice. Quilting is a science that you learn and discover by making only, reading and watching is never enough.


What is your favorite quilting technique that you use all the time?

I love and enjoy strip piecing a lot, it is simple, rewarding, efficient, and always gives surprising and exciting results.


Having the right sewing supplies to get the job done right saves a ton of stress. What is one sewing tool you could never live without.

My seam ripper! Even though I’d prefer not to use it, it really stops my rhythm when I need to correct something and I don't have it handy.


Finishing a project gives all sewers a rush of happiness. What is your all time favorite sewing project you have completed?

A quilt that I designed, cut, pieced, and quilted. It took me a very long time, because I wanted to make sure that everything was perfectly aligned and sewn. The funny thing is that after putting all my energy into a “perfect” quilt, I saw it in a picture and realized that I had pieced two strips in the wrong place. I have to admit that in that moment I felt somehow disappointed, but then I realized that that mistake made the quilt even more special, it gave it the warm human and improvised touch that I could’ve never planned.


Get to know more about Jannelle below! 

Jannelle had the pleasure of making the Sawtooth Block. It was so much fun teaching her the basics about quilting and I can tell she is excited to learn more. :)


Prior to starting your quilt block did you have any sewing experience?

 Very little. I always knew how to hand sew with my grandma, she would give me all her clothes that had holes in it and I would sew them! I need to learn more about using a machine.


Before starting your first quilt block lesson, what was your impression of quilting and how did you feel about doing this for the first time?

 I never thought it would be so precise. I appreciate it more that I have done this block because I saw how important it is to cut, sew, and place everything perfectly.


What was your favorite part about creating your first quilt block?

 Just seeing everything come together. I was very hesitate in starting the block but once I started sewing the pieces together, I really enjoyed it!


What was the most difficult part about creating your quilt block?

 Aligning the foot against the edge of the fabric. I always ended up leaning to a side which would ruin that straight line.


What advice would you give someone who is new to quilting?

 Take your time, make sure that you cut everything correctly! Nothing worse than scrapping a beautiful piece of new fabric and having to start over.


How does it feel to have created your first quilt block?

 I want to make more! Now, more than ever I am curious about tips to improve my sewing and that way my blocks would look even better!


How has your idea of quilting changed after learning more about it?

 Yes. 100%, yes. Me, personally I am not a very organized person so seeing the process of making this block made me appreciate how neat you have to be to get it to look perfect.

Do you see yourself quilting in the future?

 Yes! Once you start learning the basics, I’m already ready to learn more. Which get me excited for the next project that I can do with my new set of skills!

 I hope you enjoyed learning more about these two amazing girls! I am so blessed to be able to work with  such creative, talent people. I love sharing my passion for quilting and sewing with all the wonderful people that make up the AGF Team and with all of you who follow along with my blog posts, videos, and tutorials. 

We love being apart of such a special sewing community and we love sharing all of our latest fabric collections and the many projects we create with you in mind! 


Next week stay tuned to learn more about Sarah and Angie and how we put together the border of our quilt! The Community Sampler is almost complete and I am excited and also a bit sad it's almost done. Do you ever get that way when you near the end of a project? As quilters we always need a list of future projects, we can never be with out a project. 

If you know of any new Sew Alongs please comment below! The girls are excited to start another group project! 

Happy Sewing,