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Community Sampler Sew Along: Block 9 - Double T

Hey there Sewing Friends, 

What's your latest fabric crush? For the past 9 weeks I been crushin' hard for our new Splendid Fusion fabrics! When we caught wind of the sew along  Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell where hosting it wasn't a hard decision at all as to what fabrics we were going to use.  This past week we added a new member to our Production Design department, I am super excited to introduce Jessica to the AGF Team! Turns out we both graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Fashion design degree! It was so much fun sewing up Block 9 of the Community Sampler with her. Learn more about the the Double T Block and all about our newbie below. 



Meet Jessica! (below) Had the best time chit chatting about our favorite teachers from school and our passion for textile design. Can't wait to see Jessica use all her amazing talents and use them in her new found love for quilting. Jessica_blog

 How did you get into sewing?

 I got into sewing when I was 10 years old, my grandmother was a seamstress and I was always fascinated by  the process.


What is your favorite thing to sew?

 I really don't have a favorite thing to sew in particular, but I do feel excited every time I get to start a new project that I have never work on before. I guess I like to learn new techniques and face new challenges.


Having the right sewing supplies to get the job done right saves a ton of stress. What is one sewing tool you could never live without.

 Definitely, a seam ripper. :)


Finishing a project gives all sewers a rush of happiness. What is your all time favorite sewing project you have completed?

 My favorite sewing project  was a bathing suit because attaching the elastic was such a challenge. When I finally finished it  I felt super accomplished!


Before starting your first quilt block lesson, what was your impression of quilting and how did you feel about doing this for the first time?

Before learning about quilts  I thought of quilts as a bunch of geometric shapes and a artistic way of putting blocks together to create a beautiful bedspread.  I thought that it would be hard to make one but when I made my first block it wasn't hard at all! It does takes a lot of precision and concentration though. I loved it!


 What was your favorite part about creating your first quilt block?

 My favorite part was when I was attaching pieces together and I was seeing the block take form.


 What advice would you give someone who is new to quilting?

My advice for someone new to quilting is be patience and maintain your seam allowance at ¼ because otherwise it will affect your block.


How does it feel to have created your first quilt block?

 I felt happy, to learn how to do flying geese.It seemed so hard when I saw it on a quilt. I learned that it wasn't hard as I thought. 


How has your idea of quilting changed after learning more about it?

 It change completely I would never thought in a million years that I would make a quilt, I thought it was complicated but  now I just can’t wait to finish my first quilt!.

Who else is having a blast sewing up their blocks each week?! Here is a peek of all of our blocks. 


Happy Sewing,