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AGF Sewing Stories Winner!

Hi Makers,

Happy last day of May!

What an incredible month this has been with Quilt Market - Portland 2018 being our main focus in the midst of everything else. In case you missed it, we switched it up this year and did something a little different at Quilt Market by hosting "AGF Sewing Stories." This whole idea revolved around inviting shop owners to come over to our booth and share their "sewing journey" of how they got into the sewing industry. The winner with the "most inspiring" story would receive an EXCITING PRIZE of 12 AGF Color Master Boxes. We received many entries and were so humbled and inspired by so many incredible, empowering stories from shop owners across the country. Honestly, it was very difficult to pick ONE WINNER since each of you had such amazing journeys. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated!! 

After spending countless hours of trying to narrow down a winner, we decided on one! Without further ado, may I introduce to you "Theresa 'Terri' Ayers" who owns Mountain Creek Quilt Shop in Tennessee. We hope you enjoy hearing her story as much as we did! 

Congratulations, Terri!  :)


Community Sampler Sew Along: Block Setting

 Hello Hello,

We are getting so close to the end of the Community Sampler Sew Along and the girls in the office are so excited to see all the blocks come to life this week. This past week I got to team up with both Jannelle and Laura to create the last block of the sampler and to set all of our lovely blocks on point. Learn more about these super awesome ladies below. 


 Quilt Blocks made with Splendid Fabrics

Yay! Our quilt top is coming together! We love the way it looks.  Laura and I had the fun task of setting all the lovely blocks each girl participated in making each week. I hope you been following along. 

Get to know Laura pictured above left! 


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Easier, Cleaner, and Faster Curves!

Hello my quilting friends! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Who doesn’t love new tools to create? I am always looking for new gadgets to make and experiment. When I found out that the curvy Flowers Crown quilt from the beautiful Flower Child collection was made with the Classic Curves Ruler, I knew I had to give it a try! My compliments to Color Girl, the creator of this amazing ruler, and the mind and hands behind this feminine quilt.



I love how my unfinished block came out, the curves are perfect and I had zero struggle sewing it. It lays flat, looks clean, and has the ¼” seam allowance in all four edges.

The 10" x 10" finished block is composed by four (4)  5” x 5” finished blocks:




Block 1:


I took one (1) 5½” x 5½” half square triangle block from fabrics a and b, and one (1) 5½” x 5½” square from fabric c.

According to the ruler instructions the finished curve will be ½” smaller than the curve guide, and since I wanted my finished curve to measure 5", I placed a yellow sticker by the 5½” guide.

For the convex part, I aligned the half square triangle block from fabrics a and b to the convex corner and trim along the 5½” guide.


And for the concave part, I aligned the 5½” x 5½” square from fabric c to the concave corner and trim along the 5½” guide.


Once I had my two pieces ready, I pinned them in the center of the curve, and at the ends to make sure they stay in place when sewing. I was careful to remove the pins before sewing over them.



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How to Make a Chained Nine Patch Block Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

Meli here with another fun quilt block video tutorial. Sometimes the easiest quilt blocks are the most impactful and this is definitely the case when it comes to the Chained Nine Patch Block I made with Maureen Cracknell's new collection Flower Child Fabrics. I am the biggest fan of Maureen's fabrics so I couldn't wait to get my hands on some Flower Child Fabrics. Especially the "Sisterhood" print which showcases hand drawn portraits of women wearing beautiful flower crowns.  I knew this was going to be the main focus of my block. 

I also used some of her breathtaking floral and blender prints to finish of my block. Check out the video below to make the Chained Nine Patch Block! Let me know what you think in the comments below. :)




As much as  I love this fabric collection and block design I could definitely see me making a quilt for myself but I plan on making a throw size quilt for my best friends baby nursery just using this block design. I think the colors in this collection are just so beautiful and this could be a quilt her baby grows up with and use when she get older as well.  I was thinking of using the "Enchanted Meadow" print for the backing. What do you think?

Throw-quiltTake at a peek at the video below. Enjoy! :) 


Happy Sewing,


Color Master Box: Coraline Edition

Hello, lovely sewers!

Coraline color mood board

How’s everyone's month going?

We have finally seen the end of May… I can’t believe it! I’m happy to say that this was a great month for me and I hope it’s going well for all of you. One day that really stood out to me was Mother’s Day, as I got to spend time with my mother, grandmothers, and all my aunts! We celebrated that Sunday with a delicious BBQ and as we were cooking... I noticed that we were all wearing different shades of coral nail polish! What a funny coincidence. My mom said she googled “Mother’s Day nails” and she found that “coral” was the reappearing color. I wondered why that was, so I researched the color… found out that the color symbolizes life. I laughed at the irony!

So for this month, I thought it would be appropriate to choose this alluring “Color Master Box” in the Coraline Edition. In the picture above, I created another mood board to bring all these prints to life. From juicy grapefruits, blooming roses, and some snug quilts to really give inspiration on some future sewing projects!

With this unique tones of coral, take your fabric projects to the next level! All you need is one box to make a project that's perfect for the month, and you can get it in two sizes: Fat Quarters or Half yards.

Here are some projects from the lookbooks that you can make with the “Color Master Box”!

Grace Summer Dress #1: Using Nox Iridescence Aglow print to create this adorbs children's dress. This dress is featured in the Nightfall lookbook, where you can find out how to make it yourself!

Quilt #2: Using the entire "Color Master Box" to create this coral-inspired quilt! This quilt was made with a Fat Quarter “Color Master Box”, and you can download this pattern here.

Collar Blouse #3: Is there ever enough children's clothes? I can’t help but be swooned by this “Peter Pan collar blouse,” pairing using Perennial Renewal print. You can find the pattern to this pillow in our lookbook called Bountiful.  

Sewing inspo 2

This “Color Master Box” can give you the option of using just one print or several to compliment any of your sewings designs. Although this bundle highlights coral, each print has distinct color palettes that make it easy to pair with other projects. For example, the print called “Vivacious Marvel Cherry” (Print is shown below) has coral, fuschia, mustard yellows, and light greens that help piece together other fabrics with matching color palette.  (I wasn’t lying about my nails, really did paint them coral this month!)


Imagine all the possibilities that can be done and if you are still lacking some inspiration, we had a color fun series post talking all about the color coral! Remember that this box is there for your convenience, it has many uses! The “Color Master Box” can keep your fabrics organized and neatly displayed for easy finding, or you can share the love because it’s perfectly curated in a box for an easy present!

Are you a fabric lover? Have a fabric lover in your life? Find them the perfect gift in our online stores.

If you’re creating a sewing project using a “Color Master Box,” please feel free to share it with us on social media and use the hashtag #AGFColorMasterBox.   

What would you make this month with the Coraline Edition of the  “Color Master Box?”

Happy Sewing,


Muse Magic: "Flower Child" Fabric Collection

Did you ever believe in magic as a child or would pretend to live in an enchanted land? When I was around seven years old, I distinctly remember watching the Disney movie “Peter “Pan” and instantly believing in fairies mainly because of the character “Tinkerbell.” It was during this time as well that I was having frequent visits by “the tooth fairy," so how could you not believe that fairies existed?! I remember that same year, I was also “Tinkerbell” for Halloween and even made my own bottle of “pixie dust” that was a little glass bottle with cork top on it, filled with iridescent glitter. Weeks after Halloween, I was still finding “pixie dust” in my hair because I just couldn’t stop sprinkling it everywhere! 

Our latest fabric collection Flower Child” designed by Maureen Cracknell definitely brings back all those memories of letting your imagination run wild and believing in a “certain magic.” Taken from memories of her own childhood where she’d imagine living in an enchanted land by building forts outsides and gathering flowers with her sisters, this collection is filled with whimsical prints such as dancing fairies and lush meadows with little forest critters. A great collection when it comes to fussy-cutting for framing in quilt blocks as well as using as appliques to personalize, special handmade items! 


Flower Child Floor Pillows 7
For more enchanting-inspired quilts, garments as well as home decor projects, head over to our lookbook! 



Here's our lovely "Flower Crowns Quilt" for you to enjoy, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

  Flower Child Free Quilt 2

I've also included these blenders for you (in case you need some ideas) that can easily coordinate with the mystical prints of "Flower Child."

Flower_Child_BlendersWait, wait there's more! Enter a chance to win this "magical" fabric bundle by signing up to our giveaway: 

 To enter, please fill the form below. Giveaway ends Friday, June, 1st, 2018. Good luck! :)

Keep creating,

- Sophia

"Flower Child" Giveaway!

Congratulations Rosemary Bolton! You're our WINNER!