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Hi Makers!

After a long winter (even though it's still snowing in some parts of the world), it’s always exciting to begin new spring-inspired projects to update your home decor! For me, I always love reading all about the upcoming trends that come with the season. From a new assortment of color palettes, prints and textures, it's always inspiring to integrate these ideas into one's projects..especially when it comes to quilts! A new quilt is such an easy way of changing the look of a space. Whether its a bedroom, living room or nursery, quilts can be the main inspiration to pull from when it comes to re-decorating. If you're searching to layer in some spring with your next sewing project, I've curated my Top 5 Spring Quilts for you to choose from with different themes and styles in mind. Enjoy!



Okay I know, I know, florals are the usual go-to for spring, but there’s just something inescapable about celebrating floral blooms! The “Joyous Picnic Quilt” is reminiscent of enjoying a sunny day in a park and admiring all of the flowers have that sprung for the season. Just like the name, this quilt doesn’t have to just lay on your bed or sofa but can be taken outside for outdoor lounging. Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket filled with goodies. Here's the "flower power" inspired pattern

PrintempsQuilt1Fabric Collection: Printemps Fusion by AGF Studio


Since spring is always a great time to travel and explore, here’s a quilt that’s perfect for some wanderlust. Inspired by road tripping in Austin, Texas, the “Panamerica Quilt” features different types of transportation and popular sights you’d encounter along the road such as prickly cactus, bluebonnets and taco stands. Feel free to also bring it along for the ride, so the kiddies can snuggle up and take a cozy nap in the car. For the Austin-themed pattern, head here

DayTripQuiltFabric Collection: Day Trip by Dana Willard


The color “Indigo” is heavily trending this season and I just can’t get enough of the relaxing mood it truly creates! The “Inward Quilt” is a perfect layer to your home, especially if you love a bohemian chic or beachy coastal interior. If you feel like being a little extra boho, this quilt can also be hung up as a tapestry as well. For the blues-feeling pattern, click here

ObserverQuiltFabric Collection: Observer by April Rhodes


If you gravitate more to a minimal and structured approach when it comes to your style, the “Paths Quilt” is a great go-to for this season. Incorporating a blend of primary and pastel colors, this quilt is all about simplicity and geometric-inspired elements. With a classic and timeless look, one can never go wrong with stripes! For the linear pattern, view here

Striped-12_3Fabric Collection: Knit Stripes by AGF Studio


 Bring the greenhouse indoors with the “Lattice Quilt.” Featuring an assortment of darling succulents, this is a great quilt for those who are inspired by the study of botany and earthy color palettes. This quilt is a unique way to integrate some “scientific inspiration” into your home, as well as celebrating “Earth Day” later this month! For the plant-inspired pattern, head over here.

SucculenceQuiltFabric Collection: Succulence by Bonnie Christine

How do you layer spring into your spaces? Is there a certain quilt you love to feature this time of year on a piece of your furniture? Feel free to tag us in your spring-filled quilt projects via Instagram: @artgalleryfabrics.

Keep creating,

- Sophia