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Color Master Box of the Month: Lemon Green
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AGF Color Master Lemon Green Edition- Beaming Bright Mini Tutorial

Hey Color Lovers, 

What color comes to mind when you hear the word April? After taking a look at all the curated colors from the AGF Color Master Boxes my eyes went straight to the Lemon Green Edition! The warm fuzzy feeling this group of fabrics gave me when sewing up the Beaming Bright Mini made me dream of freshly squeezed lemonade, bbq's with my family, and our tulips planted in the backyard.  Being from Minnesota the grey, cold and dreary days start to take a toll on your spirits. It's amazing how powerful color and light play a role in our happiness. Which is basically what the Lemon Green Color Master Box delivers, happiness in a box. (At least for me :) ) 

Flying geese lovers get ready to make this zesty looking mini below. Let me know what you think in the comments!  Wanna more projects made with this yummy color check out this blog post dedicated to the Lemon Green Color Master Box.

Beaming Bright-Mini-Graphic



16 x 16 Finished 

Fabric Used: 

Fabric A-RPT-1707- Saccharine Lemon
Fabric B-BWD-787 -Soda Straws
Fabric C-WOT-31407 -Blooming Brook Sol
Fabric D-HRT-95300 -Blomma Garden Golden
Fabric E-CST-3201 -King’s Road Lemon
Fabric F-CHR-1303 -Love Notes Retro
Fabric G -SGE-14453- Yuma Lemons Mist
Fabric H-UT-14506 -Lucid Hills Amber
Fabric I-PE-446 -Honeydew

Cutting Directions

One (1) 5 1/4” square from Fabric A- H
Thirty Two (32) 2 7/8” squares from Fabric I

Block Instructions:

No Waste Flying Geese Method 

Take a 5 1/4" square and four  2 7/8" squares.  These are the pieces you will need to create four flying geese units. Draw a diagonal lines using a pencil or a water souble pen on the wrong side of the fabric  on each 2 7/8" square.

HST copy

Place two  2  7/8" squares at each corner of your 5 1/4" square. Make sure right sides are together and the diagonal lines match up to make a straight line.
Sew 1/4" on each side of the diagonal line. 

Flying Geese copy

Cut piece on the diagonal line you marked.

Flying Geese middle copy


Now place a 2 7/8" square at the lower corner of your pieces. Sew on each side of the diagonal line you marked at 1/4". Cut piece on diagonal line and press your flying geese open.

Repeat this process for your remaining fabric pieces. 

All Flying Geese copy

Now we are going to make a total of four Dutchman's Puzzle Blocks. Check out the AGF Quilt Block Collection on our YouTube to find a great video about the Dutchman's Puzzle Block

  Flying geese block copy

Sew your flying geese together following the block design below. 
Flying geese block copy

Sew your blocks together to get this lively looking mini. I decided to use a lemon color thread to match my project and kept the quilting simple but plenty, matchstick quilting  1/4" to 1/2" apart.

Not quilted copy

 I used the "Yuma Lemons Mist" print for my backing and I love the backing just as much as my quilt top. 

Quilting Backing 1

I binded my mini with the "King's Road Lemon" squared element blender which tied the whole thing together.  Squared Elements are my go to binding fabrics for almost any project.

Sunshine mini closeup
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Happy Sewing,