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Quilted Fashion

Hi Makers,

Happy April and hope you are all off to a great start with all your projects, this month!

If you didn't know by now, I have an immense affinity for the fashion world. From listening to fashion designers talk about a collection’s concept to learning about how a certain movement or event in history shaped what people wore at the time, I find all of it extremely fascinating and the biggest source of my inspiration. Just like history, fashion tends to repeat and of course, reinvent itself. During the 1960’s, thanks to the influence of the hippie culture at the time, the form of needlework called "patchwork" was adopted by fashion designers who made it mainstream. Utilizing left-over fabric scraps to literally “piece together” and create non-restrictive bohemian silhouettes, this “flower child” look carried over in the first half of the 1960’s decade with a heavy folksy influence.

Now, fast forward to modern day but with a more structured twist, patchwork was recently featured in Christian Dior’s Fall Winter 2018/2019 Collection. From jackets to knee-high boots to dresses, the patchwork technique translates onto various quilted garments from multi-colored to monochromatic looks. Dior not only revived this perennial fashion favorite but also used patchwork that was pieced from reproductions of actual, archived Dior prints. So inspiring!

To jump to the "quilted" garments, skip to 3:40 – 4:40 of the video.

If you’re now suddenly feeling inspired to create your own quilted fashion, I’ve got you covered! Here's some "quilty" garments you can create for yourself or your loved ones:

Hip Length Blazer

From our most recent AGF Fusions collection "Splendid," where bold florals and jewel toned color palettes are fused together, this blazer is a great statement piece for celebrating all things spring, but also playfully displays "the unexpected" on the back of the garment! You can find the blazer pattern here.


Cropped Jacket

For Jessica Swift's fabric collection "Tallinn," AGF studio created this colorful garment featuring a darling, embroidered swan that's the perfect addition to your closet! Pair it with a blouse or t-shirt and jeans or with a dress, this jacket instantly creates a fun, folkloric look! For the swan-inspired pattern, view here


 Cascade Duffle Coat

For those colder days, this quilted coat by the ever so talented "Ginger Peach Studio" (Jenn Rossotti) is the epitome of cozy! Made with our AGF denim, this garment has so many incredible details from the furry hoodie to the twist lock buttons, it's the perfect layer for staying all warm and snug. To view how she made this coat, head over here. 


Do you integrate quilted designs into your handmade garments? Do you look to fashion as well for inspiration as well? If not, what is your main source of inspiration? I'd love to hear what's your "creative fuel!" 

Keep creating,

- Sophia