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From Half Square Triangle (HST) to Triple Triangle Square (TTS)

Raise your hand if you know what a Triple Triangle Square is! If you didn’t raise your hand, I have to admit I didn’t know what it meant either before writing this post! The funny thing is, that it is actually a very familiar shape that we have seen many times in our quilting lives.


The other day I stumbled upon TTS while designing the Coquet quilt from our Splendid & Printemps Fusion Look Book. At the beginning, I thought it was really easy to measure, cut, and make, but when I started writing the instructions I realized that I needed to find a simple math rule to cut precise pieces and avoid extra trimming steps.



Fortunately, I am a math geek and love these types of challenges; so, after cutting, playing, adding and subtracting, I finally figured out two formulas that work with any size as long as you know what your finished size is:

Fabric A and B: finished size + 1 ¼”

Fabric C: finished size + 7/8”

For example, for my project the finished square size is 4”, so to get four (4) 4” finished triple triangle squares (TTSs) I need to cut one (1) 5 ¼” square from fabrics A and B, and two (2) 4 7/8” squares from fabric C.

Fabric A and B: 4” + 1 ¼” = 5 ¼”

Fabric C: 4” + 7/8” = 4 7/8”



The first step is to take the 5 ¼” squares from fabrics A and B to get two (2) 4 7/8” half square triangles (HST):

Place the squares face to face. Draw a diagonal line, stitch at ¼” from each side, and trim along the drawn line. Open and press your two (2) 4 7/8” HSTs.





Now, take the two (2) 4 7/8” HSTs and the two (2) 4 7/8” squares from fabric C and repeat the previous process to get four (4) 4 ½” unfinished triple triangle squares (TTS).

*Make sure you draw the diagonal line crossing fabric A and B as shown on the following diagram:




You finally have your pieces! And now, it’s time to play arranging them to discover new ideas for your next project! So, what kind of creative quilter are you? The organic one who likes to create, cut and piece as you go, or the planner, the one who likes to have everything arranged, aligned, and organized before starting any project.




Let me know what you think! I really look forward to your comments,


5 Ways of taking pictures of your quilts!

Hey there, makers!

With the days getting warmer and the beautiful skies clearing up, it’s time bring out your favorite quilts and take pictures of them! You’re probably saying, “why do I need to take pictures of my quilts?” Well, as a maker it’s important to show your work in the best way possible to track your progress and share something you love with the world. A great place to share your creations with the world is Instagram!

Ways of styling quilts 2

I know that sharing your work can be a little intimidating (especially when everyone’s creations look perfect). But don’t worry, I’m here to tell you that the key to conquering Instagram is pretty pictures! If you’re not sure how to start, here are 5 ways you can take pictures of your quilts to amp up your Instagram game. Let’s check them out!

1. Folded Quilt Stack

Folded quilts
Featuring Fusions by AGF

Simple enough, right? Grab your favorite quilts, color coordinate them, and place them on the prettiest chair in your home for a picture perfect look. Always remember, that lighting is the key to great pictures! So, make sure the room is well lit or that the chair is facing the light so that your picture comes out bright.

2. Quilt on the Couch

You don’t need fancy props to take a nice picture of the latest quilt you sewed up! Simply let it drape from any couch and take a picture of it in it’s natural environment. For an extra cozy touch add a tray or some books next to it as props. Make sure all the window in the room are open for a splash of natural light on the quilt!

3. Rolled up Quilts

If you want to make your quilts look like yummy swiss rolls, just roll them up in a cute basket and snap a picture! You can play around with different angles by taking the pictures from the top, side, close, far and see what feels right to you.

4. Dresser Hung Quilt

We’ve all seen tons of pictures of quilts on beds. But now it’s time to think outside the box and see what other parts of your room are great for displaying quilts. How about a dresser? Hang a pretty quilt from any dresser to create an unconventional backdrop.

 5. Quilt in the Great Outdoors

Hexie quilt
Featuring AGF Denim

 Once you’ve explored ways of taking pictures of your quilts all over your house, it’s time to go on an adventure! Whether it’s your backyard or a nearby field, quilts will always look beautiful in outdoor locations. Not to mention that the natural light will make taking pictures easier!  


Are you ready to take beautiful pictures of your quilts? Well, get out there and start taking pictures! If you want to go the extra mile to enhance your pictures you can even experiment with the Snapseed app (not an ad, just love the app) that’s meant for enhancing brightness, colors, and removing minor imperfections.

Feel free to share your quilts made with AGF under the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics on Instagram. I hope you find this post helpful!


Till next time!


6 Products Inspired By Earth Day

With March bringing us Spring, we open the door to welcome April and the spirit of green things that brings Earth Day. Since 1970, this annual event has been celebrated on the 22nd day of this month to show and demonstrate the support for environmental protection. For this reason, we wanted to contribute to the spirit of preserving the environment and to remind everyone how lucky we are to be witnessing nature every day. For this reason, we've put together a list of projects worth doing to honor this event!



Continue reading "6 Products Inspired By Earth Day" »

Community Sampler Sew Along: Block 5-Fairground

Hey there, 

How are your Community Sampler quilts coming along? The girls and I  love seeing our progress each week as our quilt slowly comes together. This past week  I got to sew with Kelly from the Production and Design team.  Kelly and I both went to Fashion Design school together at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. We both were introduced to quilting when we started working for AGF.  It was a lot of fun sewing up the Fairground block with her and sharing quilting stories of our first quilts and how much we have grown as a quilters in the past couple years.  Learn more below about how Kelly started sewing and her advice for first time quilters. 




When sewing up the Fairground Block you get to learn how to make HST's, flying geese using the no waste method and a square in a square block! If you are digging the fabrics we are using for our Community Sampler quilt we used the yummy Creme de la Creme Pure Element for our background and the bright, bold prints from Splendid Fabrics



This is Kelly! Read more about her below.

How did you get into sewing?

My Grandma used to work as a seamstress sewing all the costumes for a theater, so sewing was always present in my life. I grew up knowing that I wanted to study fashion design and never really got to touch a sewing machine before I went to school for it.


What is your favorite thing to sew?

As a fashion designer, I started with the construction of garments, but when I discovered quilting I realized how much I enjoyed sewing patchy things. So anything patchy and quilt as you go is my choice for sewing.


Tell us about your first quilting experience… If you could go back and tell past you any advice what would you say?

It was five years ago when I started working at AGF.  I sewed the free quilt pattern for Gramercy and Pat was directing me, it was fun just like a puzzle. My advice will be to pay close attention to the seam allowance and make sure you are precise. It will save you a lot of fixing when you are moving forward with the top.


What is your favorite quilting technique that you use all the time?

There are so many that I love and I keep discovering new techniques all the time but if  I had to pick one, I would say that reverse applique is one of the ones I enjoy the most.


Having the right sewing supplies to get the job done right saves a ton of stress. What is one sewing tool you could never live without?

My Clear rulers ♥


Finishing a project gives all sewers a rush of happiness. What is your all time favorite sewing project you have completed?

The Plenum quilt. It is made out of lots of flying geese, so it got to a point that I was doing the same thing over and over and felt like I was taking longer than usual. By the time I finished I felt so happy about it that it became my fav.♥

The weeks in this Sew Along are going by so quick but not quick enough! I am so excited to see our finished quilt but for now I better sit back and relax and enjoy the process. I hope you all are doing the same! 

Happy Sewing, 




How to Make a Bear Paw Block | AGF Quilt Block Collection Tutorial

Hi there quilty friends, 

Do you love learning new things? I know I love the satisfaction of tacking a new technique or making something I have never made before.  In the last AGF Quilt Block youtube video I asked you all what block I should make for the next tutorial and by popular demand the Bear Paw block won the next spot in our collection! If you are a Half Square Triangle fan then this block is a must sew. We learn the Four- at- Time and Two- at- Time method for making half square triangles and putting this block together was such a  breeze. 


Block Above is made with Splendid Fusions 


Looking to make a new Spring time quilt to bring on picnics to the park?  Then you should definitely try the Bear Paw Block mixed with our new Fusions.

 Enjoy the video below! Head over to our youtube channel to check out more tutorials like this one.  Also don't forget to share your blocks using the hashtag #agfquiltblockcollection to be entered into our monthly fabric bundle giveaway and to spread the quilting love.


 Want to see more  projects made with our New Fusion Fabrics? Check out the Fusions Lookbook to find more amazing quilt patterns and inspiration for your next sewing project. 


Fusions - Printemps & Splendid 2-1_NEW

Happy Sewing, 


Quilted Fashion

Hi Makers,

Happy April and hope you are all off to a great start with all your projects, this month!

If you didn't know by now, I have an immense affinity for the fashion world. From listening to fashion designers talk about a collection’s concept to learning about how a certain movement or event in history shaped what people wore at the time, I find all of it extremely fascinating and the biggest source of my inspiration. Just like history, fashion tends to repeat and of course, reinvent itself. During the 1960’s, thanks to the influence of the hippie culture at the time, the form of needlework called "patchwork" was adopted by fashion designers who made it mainstream. Utilizing left-over fabric scraps to literally “piece together” and create non-restrictive bohemian silhouettes, this “flower child” look carried over in the first half of the 1960’s decade with a heavy folksy influence.

Now, fast forward to modern day but with a more structured twist, patchwork was recently featured in Christian Dior’s Fall Winter 2018/2019 Collection. From jackets to knee-high boots to dresses, the patchwork technique translates onto various quilted garments from multi-colored to monochromatic looks. Dior not only revived this perennial fashion favorite but also used patchwork that was pieced from reproductions of actual, archived Dior prints. So inspiring!

To jump to the "quilted" garments, skip to 3:40 – 4:40 of the video.

If you’re now suddenly feeling inspired to create your own quilted fashion, I’ve got you covered! Here's some "quilty" garments you can create for yourself or your loved ones:

Hip Length Blazer

From our most recent AGF Fusions collection "Splendid," where bold florals and jewel toned color palettes are fused together, this blazer is a great statement piece for celebrating all things spring, but also playfully displays "the unexpected" on the back of the garment! You can find the blazer pattern here.


Cropped Jacket

For Jessica Swift's fabric collection "Tallinn," AGF studio created this colorful garment featuring a darling, embroidered swan that's the perfect addition to your closet! Pair it with a blouse or t-shirt and jeans or with a dress, this jacket instantly creates a fun, folkloric look! For the swan-inspired pattern, view here


 Cascade Duffle Coat

For those colder days, this quilted coat by the ever so talented "Ginger Peach Studio" (Jenn Rossotti) is the epitome of cozy! Made with our AGF denim, this garment has so many incredible details from the furry hoodie to the twist lock buttons, it's the perfect layer for staying all warm and snug. To view how she made this coat, head over here. 


Do you integrate quilted designs into your handmade garments? Do you look to fashion as well for inspiration as well? If not, what is your main source of inspiration? I'd love to hear what's your "creative fuel!" 

Keep creating,

- Sophia