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10 Tips on Decluttering and Organizing

Hello, Creators! 

How is everyone doing today? If you read the title of the post, you're probably stressed out on finding out ways to organize your sewing room. Sometimes when you are so focused on your projects that things can get out of hand in your crafting room and we don’t realize it. But now, you must be in the state of mind to tackle a challenge today and have no fear, I created this infographic to help you along the way! I came up with this list because recently we had to organize one of the craft rooms in the office, and I kept repeating this list to myself.


Organization infographic


I hope this helps everyone with their craft room! If you have a tip to share that I didn’t mention, please let me know in the comments below.


Good luck with your organizing journey,








Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine Feature - City Lights Quilt

Hi Everyone, 

Have you seen  Love Patchwork & Quilting's new look? Their new cover layout is so fresh and modern and we always can't wait to dive into the newest issue as soon as it arrives. Issue 59 is their latest issue and we are so honored to have one of our quilt designs featuring City Loft Fusions displayed on the cover! The power of strip piecing comes to life in the City Lights quilt pattern! In this striking geometric quilt design we played around with large strip pieced 20 1/2" blocks, sewing them together to form amazing movement and created a energizing affect.  Talk about a perfect summer time sew! This quilt finishes at 80" squared which I can definitely see becoming a summer time essential that can be brought to the the beach or lake where all your family members or friends can sit and enjoy the day. 

 To spread the quilting love we are having a City Loft Fusion bundle giveaway as well as giving away a  free copy of Issue 59 of Love Patchwork & Quilting which includes the step by step instructions of the City Lights quilt pattern! Make sure to enter the giveaway below. 



Who is ready for summer? For all of you living in cold weather states I am sure you wouldn't mind skipping spring and head right into summer. The kiddos are home for summer vacation and it's time to go on a family vacation. What are your plans for summer?  Every summer I make a trip back home to Minnesota and spend most of my time at my favorite lakes and parks playing with my niece and nephews.  Good Luck to all of you who enter the Giveaway! Sending you all warm summer time vibes! 




Congrats Linda Williamson, you are the winner! Make sure to check your email! :) 


Whimsical Wonder: Indigo & Aster Fabric Collection

Hi Makers!

With “Earth Day” just right around the corner, we’re taking a turn to the wild side and summoning our friends from the animal kingdom for our latest, whimsical collection, “Indigo & Aster.” Ever since I can remember, I’ve always looked to animals for inspiration. For me, it was specifically admiring the different plumage of birds and how they just had such unique color combinations that I would never imagine putting together. Definitely an interesting and different way of creating a color palette for a DIY project!

From diverse habitats such as jungles, forests and the sea where these creatures dwell, this collection created by our designer “Bari J.” comes to life with darling rabbits and deer wearing floral crowns to leopard prints, as well as fusing multi-cultural inspired designs, painterly foliage and geometric patterns. Without a doubt, you’ll embark on an enchanting sewing journey with these prints.

What makes this collection extra special to me is the "Radiant Menagerie Panel" which allows you to have endless possibilities of fussy cutting the cute critters, as well as the leopard prints which is on the trend radar this year, especially for the fall!

Of course, Bari J. who is known especially for her painterly flowers and her maximalist philosophy of "more is more," this combination truly translates into this whismy collection, especially with the florals! 


For more fanciful animal-inspired quilts, garments and home décor projects, head over to our look book!



Here's our "Floraison Quilt" that features all of the darling animals for you to enjoy, just click the below link for the free pattern: 

Download Quilt Pattern 


For those of you who'd like to mix the prints in "Indigo & Aster" with a few blenders, here’s a few that coordinate nicely:IndigoAsterBlenders


Oh, and of course, you can add this lovely collection to your fabric stash by entering our giveaway!

To enter, please fill the form below. Giveaway ends Friday, March 20th, 2018. Good luck!

Keep creating,

- Sophia


Congrats, Jannette Binder! You've won the bundle of "Indigo & Aster" fabrics! Please check your email.


Community Sampler Sew Along: Block 6- Square Dance

Hey Sewing Friends, 

It's already Week 7 of the Community Sampler Sew Along and we are starting to see our quilt come to life! Last week I got to sew up the Square Dance Block with my fellow marketing team member, Sophia! Sophia is one of the newest additions to the AGF team and after three months of working here she was totally ready to hop on a sewing machine and sew up a quilt block! Getting to sew with each one of the girls from AGF Team has been such a blast and my hopes are to teach them the sewing basics, tips and tricks they can use for future projects, and to turn them all to the quilty side. So far it's going  better then I ever  hoped for! Our team is full of very talented ladies all coming from different backgrounds and are all so special and unique. 

Take Sophia for example, with her outgoing and determined mind, having very little sewing experience didn't make her hesitate one bit. Read more about her and the creation of the Square Dance Block below! 


 Our Block is made with Splendid Fusion Fabrics 


This block came together super fast! With the giant 8 1/2" square center this block is perfect for fussy cut fabrics. 


Meet Sophia! (below) Spread the quilting  love and comment below letting Sophia know what you think of her block. 



Prior to starting your quilt block did you have any sewing experience?

In art school, I took a few fashion classes that involved basic sewing with garments. After graduating, most of my sewing experience was learned “on the fly” when I took on various freelance projects. The most memorable sewing experience involved a “Paris is Burning” themed event at a nightclub, where I had to sew a huge (10 ft x 15 ft) French flag to hang at the entrance. I also had one day to make it, and it had been a while since I had sewn. No pressure, whatsoever. :]


Before starting your first quilt block lesson, what was your impression of quilting and how did you feel about doing this for the first time?

My first impression of quilting was that it required extreme accuracy, patience and a very detailed eye. I was right! Haha! While making the quilt block, I felt like I had to keep telling myself to be patient, not to rush, and be gentle with the fabric.


What was your favorite part about creating your first quilt block?

Having all the pieces come together and seeing the finished product, of course! So satisfying.


What was the most difficult part about creating your quilt block?

Finding the right amount of pressure with the tools and handling of the fabric! For example, I felt like I didn’t know how much pressure to apply to the rotary cutter, and had to go back a few times to apply more pressure to cut the fabric, properly. The same thing happened when I was feeding the fabric through the sewing machine, where I was gripping it too hard and it was started to stretch. Whoops!


What advice would you give someone who is new to quilting?

SLOW DOWN and double check your seam allowance.


How does it feel to have created your first quilt block?

Great! I always enjoy learning anything that involves creativity while working with your hands. It always leads to new discoveries and inspiration.


How has your idea of quilting changed after learning more about it?

After making my first block, I honestly have more admiration for quilting because it requires a interesting combination of “right brain and left brain thinking!”


Do you see yourself quilting in the future?

Absolutely! The thought of creating a quilt for someone special seems like the most wonderful, unique gift to give! A lot of my close friends are having babies, so I would love to make quilts to match their nurseries.


 Who are you making your Community Sampler Quilt for? Giving it to a friend, donating it to charity, or keeping it for yourself? Comment below to share. 


Happy Sewing, 



Hi Makers!

After a long winter (even though it's still snowing in some parts of the world), it’s always exciting to begin new spring-inspired projects to update your home decor! For me, I always love reading all about the upcoming trends that come with the season. From a new assortment of color palettes, prints and textures, it's always inspiring to integrate these ideas into one's projects..especially when it comes to quilts! A new quilt is such an easy way of changing the look of a space. Whether its a bedroom, living room or nursery, quilts can be the main inspiration to pull from when it comes to re-decorating. If you're searching to layer in some spring with your next sewing project, I've curated my Top 5 Spring Quilts for you to choose from with different themes and styles in mind. Enjoy!



Okay I know, I know, florals are the usual go-to for spring, but there’s just something inescapable about celebrating floral blooms! The “Joyous Picnic Quilt” is reminiscent of enjoying a sunny day in a park and admiring all of the flowers have that sprung for the season. Just like the name, this quilt doesn’t have to just lay on your bed or sofa but can be taken outside for outdoor lounging. Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket filled with goodies. Here's the "flower power" inspired pattern

PrintempsQuilt1Fabric Collection: Printemps Fusion by AGF Studio


Since spring is always a great time to travel and explore, here’s a quilt that’s perfect for some wanderlust. Inspired by road tripping in Austin, Texas, the “Panamerica Quilt” features different types of transportation and popular sights you’d encounter along the road such as prickly cactus, bluebonnets and taco stands. Feel free to also bring it along for the ride, so the kiddies can snuggle up and take a cozy nap in the car. For the Austin-themed pattern, head here

DayTripQuiltFabric Collection: Day Trip by Dana Willard


The color “Indigo” is heavily trending this season and I just can’t get enough of the relaxing mood it truly creates! The “Inward Quilt” is a perfect layer to your home, especially if you love a bohemian chic or beachy coastal interior. If you feel like being a little extra boho, this quilt can also be hung up as a tapestry as well. For the blues-feeling pattern, click here

ObserverQuiltFabric Collection: Observer by April Rhodes


If you gravitate more to a minimal and structured approach when it comes to your style, the “Paths Quilt” is a great go-to for this season. Incorporating a blend of primary and pastel colors, this quilt is all about simplicity and geometric-inspired elements. With a classic and timeless look, one can never go wrong with stripes! For the linear pattern, view here

Striped-12_3Fabric Collection: Knit Stripes by AGF Studio


 Bring the greenhouse indoors with the “Lattice Quilt.” Featuring an assortment of darling succulents, this is a great quilt for those who are inspired by the study of botany and earthy color palettes. This quilt is a unique way to integrate some “scientific inspiration” into your home, as well as celebrating “Earth Day” later this month! For the plant-inspired pattern, head over here.

SucculenceQuiltFabric Collection: Succulence by Bonnie Christine

How do you layer spring into your spaces? Is there a certain quilt you love to feature this time of year on a piece of your furniture? Feel free to tag us in your spring-filled quilt projects via Instagram: @artgalleryfabrics.

Keep creating,

- Sophia

Meet Our New Blog Contributor: Laucara

Hi Everybody, I'm Laucara!

I'm a Fashion Designer who has had the amazing luck to be introduced to the quilting world when I joined the production team at Art Gallery Fabrics almost two years ago!


From the moment I discovered quilting, my whole approach to fabrics, textures, prints, shapes, scales, stitches, and colors changed; now, I see a quilt block in almost every place I go, from the floor tiles in a random restaurant to my kid's scribble scrabbles. 

When I was a little girl, I was one of those rare kids who were passionate about math and art at the same time and now that I'm a grown up I get to play and discover applying both of my passions in quilting. 

Working at AGF has been a piecing, quilting, and seam reaping journey, and now, I have the opportunity to share with you sewing and quilting techniques, tips, and even rocks on the road that I discover while creating products for our beautiful look books.

I currently live in Miami (FL) with my husband, my nine year old son and my five year old daughter. So, when I’m not working, at a soccer tournament, a ballet class or a birthday party, you can find me at a silk-screening workshop or at my home studio sewing, drawing, or screen printing. I enjoy attending art performances in all its forms and I especially enjoy bringing the whole family and exposing them to the arts!

Come join me and let’s take this journey together and let’s see where this takes us!