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5 Ways of taking pictures of your quilts!

Hey there, makers!

With the days getting warmer and the beautiful skies clearing up, it’s time bring out your favorite quilts and take pictures of them! You’re probably saying, “why do I need to take pictures of my quilts?” Well, as a maker it’s important to show your work in the best way possible to track your progress and share something you love with the world. A great place to share your creations with the world is Instagram!

Ways of styling quilts 2

I know that sharing your work can be a little intimidating (especially when everyone’s creations look perfect). But don’t worry, I’m here to tell you that the key to conquering Instagram is pretty pictures! If you’re not sure how to start, here are 5 ways you can take pictures of your quilts to amp up your Instagram game. Let’s check them out!

1. Folded Quilt Stack

Folded quilts
Featuring Fusions by AGF

Simple enough, right? Grab your favorite quilts, color coordinate them, and place them on the prettiest chair in your home for a picture perfect look. Always remember, that lighting is the key to great pictures! So, make sure the room is well lit or that the chair is facing the light so that your picture comes out bright.

2. Quilt on the Couch

You don’t need fancy props to take a nice picture of the latest quilt you sewed up! Simply let it drape from any couch and take a picture of it in it’s natural environment. For an extra cozy touch add a tray or some books next to it as props. Make sure all the window in the room are open for a splash of natural light on the quilt!

3. Rolled up Quilts

If you want to make your quilts look like yummy swiss rolls, just roll them up in a cute basket and snap a picture! You can play around with different angles by taking the pictures from the top, side, close, far and see what feels right to you.

4. Dresser Hung Quilt

We’ve all seen tons of pictures of quilts on beds. But now it’s time to think outside the box and see what other parts of your room are great for displaying quilts. How about a dresser? Hang a pretty quilt from any dresser to create an unconventional backdrop.

 5. Quilt in the Great Outdoors

Hexie quilt
Featuring AGF Denim

 Once you’ve explored ways of taking pictures of your quilts all over your house, it’s time to go on an adventure! Whether it’s your backyard or a nearby field, quilts will always look beautiful in outdoor locations. Not to mention that the natural light will make taking pictures easier!  


Are you ready to take beautiful pictures of your quilts? Well, get out there and start taking pictures! If you want to go the extra mile to enhance your pictures you can even experiment with the Snapseed app (not an ad, just love the app) that’s meant for enhancing brightness, colors, and removing minor imperfections.

Feel free to share your quilts made with AGF under the hashtag #artgalleryfabrics on Instagram. I hope you find this post helpful!


Till next time!