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Newest Addition to AGF Marketing Team

Greetings, AGF friends -

Pleasure to meet you all and excited to begin contributing to this very inspiring blog!

My name’s Sophia and I’m a new addition to the multi-talented, AGF Marketing Team. With a background in Marketing, Branding and Fashion Merchandising, I’ve worked in various creative environments from retail, fashion magazines, commercials, film and a design studio. More than anything, I really love collaborating with fellow passionate individuals to bring innovative ideas to life. When I'm not working, I'm often found spending time with my darling husband and two beagle puppies, dancing to disco music, swooning over the latest Gucci fashion show or cooking something spicy! 


Since sewing is definitely a main focus here at AGF, I’m super eager to start using a thread and needle again to create! There's something so satisfying when you're rolling up your sleeves and creating with your own two hands. It creates such an irreplaceable, special connection with the piece of work. Textiles have always been a huge inspiration to me, and my mind immediately translates them into countless possibilities of handmade garments and accessories. However, I’d like to “push the needle further” and start envisioning quilts! Thanks to Meli's guidance, I will eventually be creating my first quilt block along with some of the other girls here at AGF. Can't wait!

Do you remember what it was like making your first quilt block? Any tips to remember before or during the process? Feel free to post your advice in the comments, below. I’m all ears!

Looking forward to many fun projects ahead while learning with every single one of you!

Keep creating,


Community Sampler Sew Along: Block 2- Dovecote

Hey Makers!

Today, I’m here to tell you that I’ve crossed into the world of quilting… again! :o You’re probably saying to yourself, “OK… don’t you already quilt?” but that’s not the case. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m part of the marketing team at AGF. I love all things involving fine art and believe that quilting is a beautiful craft supported by an amazing community. On a daily basis I’m inspired by all the things everyone sews but I can’t seem to get over the intimidation I have for the sewing machine.

Some time ago, I paired up with one of my colleagues and decided to tackle a mini quilt. It was my first time ever using a sewing machine and let me tell you, it was definitely a journey! Since then I put sewing on a hiatus until Meli (the host of the AGF Quilt Block Collection) brought up the idea to join Maureen Cracknell and Sharon Holland’s Community Sampler as a team (all of the AGF girls are participating). I thought this was a great way of getting out of my comfort zone, so as soon as signups began I made sure to put myself down for the second block.

Community sampler graphic

I wasn’t sure what to expect since I signed up prior to knowing what block I would be sewing. But once the Dovecote block was released, Meli was the most patient teacher ever! She taught me so many techniques that she has learned along the way. I was mind blown!

First of all, I think the most difficult thing about quilting has been cutting and getting the measurements right. I knew that cutting everything precisely from the start was the foundation of a successful block so, I was determined to get everything right. But for some reason I could not read the ruler to save my life! The ongoing grids kept confusing me and I kept getting flashbacks to that high school geometry class I nearly failed. Luckily Meli made sure everything was under control!

Once everything was cut, the sewing began! I learned how to make half square triangles which were pretty fun to make.


Then we moved on to a 9-patch which became the center of the block.


As I sewed the little squares together, Meli shared all kind of tricks and techniques with me. I was so impressed when she showed me how to press seams in opposite directions so that they would “nest” when sewing them together. When she told me to feel the seams nesting I literally let out a “WOOOAAAHH.”

Nesting seams

But making this block wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine! When it came time to making the “No Waste Flying Geese” Meli muttered “Well, this is the most complicated part of the block” and I nearly ran away. She made sure I didn’t and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought!


By this point, I had all my pieces ready for the full construction! Yay! I felt like I had completed a milestone. I sat in front of the sewing machine hoping and praying that all my seams matched once I sewed up the block.

Block unsewn

And this is how it turned out… TAAA DAAA! Not bad for my first quilt block, huh?

I honestly couldn’t have done it without Meli! One thing I learned from this whole experience is that sometimes you just have to be patient and enjoy the process. In the end, the result of whatever you’re doing will pay off.

On that note, let me know in the comments about your first sewing/quilting experiences. If you want to make this block or any of the other blocks make sure to visit Sharon's blog! To see the first block that Meli made check out this blog post and to see any other blocks that makers have made, make sure to visit the hashtag #communitysampler on Instagram. Stay tuned next week to see block 3 being made by one of our graphic designers, Michelle! 


Till next time!


Unique Pillows: 6 Designs To Style Your Home

Hi home decor lovers!

These last couple of weeks I've been thinking what needs a home to fully feel together. Is it the lightning, the furniture, the plants...? While, of course, all of these definitely play a part, in my opinion (maybe because I have a pillow problem) I have to go with pillows as the main protagonists in home decor. What is a couch without comfy pillows, or a bed without a center pillow that catches your eye? For this reason, I went into our many many lookbooks, to find you the best possible pillow tutorials that I think are meant to be sewn in preparation for spring. 



1. Let's start with a big one, shall we? How amazing is this pillow!? I am all for flower crowns, so when you give me an applique pillow styling a flower crown I am definitely on board with making myself one. Besides, spring is around the corner so, the botanical aspect of this pillow correlates perfectly with the season! To find the pattern to make your own pillow click here and to directly purchase the fabric follow this link :) 


Boho Fusions by AGF Studio


2. How amazing is this Otomí inspired pillow!? Jump into spring by fussy cutting Indie Folk Fabrics to create this stylish and eye-catching design for your living room or bedroom. If you see yourself making this accessory for your home make sure to click here for the pattern.

Indie-Folk-Pillow-1-3 Indie Folk By Pat Bravo


3. Is this yellow making you scream YEE-HAW? If not, it might after finishing it! This bright and colorful pillow was designed with Texas in mind to redirect all the southwestern vibes right into your home. For those daring to bring color (and cacti) into your couch, click here to access the free pattern also the fabric available for purchase here


Day Trip Pillows 5

Day Trip Fabrics by Dana Willard.


4. Let the stare game begin! Amaze your house guests by adding some of these cute pillows into your house. Our Woodlands Fabric collection combines all aspects of the outdoors.The deep greens and reds paired up with some friendly mystical creatures will ensure a unique feeling for your home. Read all about how you can make your own by following this link. If you fell in love with this collection and would like to purchase this fabric make sure to click here or find a shop near you here. 

  Fusions Woodlands Pillow 3 1Woodlands Fusions by AGF Studio


5. LOOK a pillow made out of knit! You can't unsee it now. The softness our jersey knits can only lead to one thing, excessive couch time. These pillows are so soft and colorful that not only will they provide you with the aesthetic visuals for your house, but will also ensure to upgrade your comfort level.

DISCLAIMER: Naps may increase with this pillow. Find the tutorial here and for fabric availability and purchase follow this link.

Knit-Striped-Pillow_2Knit Striped By AGF Studio


6. You didn't think I was going to forget about floor pillows, did you? I am a big fan of pillows everywhere, so when I was thinking of my next DIY project for our YouTube series, Let's Talk Fabric, I automatically jumped into the idea of doing floor pillows with a little twist. Click to watch below to find out what I like to add to my pillows to make them stand out more. Find a shop near you here to purchase the fabrics! 

 Love Story Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell


All of these pillow projects are definitely spring material. Some are softer, brighter or more detailed than others, but at the end, they all share the same characteristic, they are perfect for making your home and space come together to keep the coziness flowing. I would love to know what you all think of these projects!


Decor away...



Make Something New: How to Make a Easter Lily Quilt Block Tutorial

Hello fabric friends, 

How was your weekend? I did nothing but watch Netflix and attended to some much needed sewing. I hope you all had a eventful but relaxing weekend! To start your week off right I wanted to share the newest block tutorial in the AGF Quilt Block Collection. The Easter Lily Block has a great square center large enough to showcase the lovely swans from Jessica Swift's new collection. Not only are these swans  elegant they are made with two of my go to colors, black and pink! The " Village Adventure" print is another one of my favorite prints from the collection with the cutest whimsical buildings which I used for the corner squares in my block. Follow along with me in the video below. Nothing makes me happier to see your blocks, so make sure to share on social media with the #AGFQuiltBlockCollection




Watch the video below to make the Easter Lily Block! Make sure to share this quilt block video with all your quilty friends! 


This block finishes at 14" x 14" which makes for a great decorative pillow. Add some tassels to the ends and you have yourself a handsome looking pillow to add to your home. 

Looking for some sewing inspiration? Check out the Tallin Lookbook! It is packed with jaw dropping free sewing patterns for you to try. Below is one of my favorite items made in the lookbook. I love the techniques used in these two mini's. The tutorial is super easy to follow, click here to give it a try. 



I need your help picking the next block tutorial, so many blocks out there it is so hard to choose. Here are a few blocks I have in mind, which one would you like to see?

1- Drunkards's Path Block

2- Log Cabin Block

3- Bear Paw Block

4- Hunter Star


Happy Sewing, 


Explore Jessica Swift's debut collection for AGF: Tallinn fabrics!

Hey fabric lovers!

Have you ever travelled outside your country and been mesmerized by the beauty of other cities and countries? I know, I have! I absolutely love travelling and experiencing other cultures. Plus, exploring new places is a great way to fuel your creativity.

One designer that has translated her travels beautifully into fabrics is Jessica Swift. She has turned memories of Eastern Europe into a whimsical world splashed with color for her debut collection called Tallinn for AGF's ANGLES division. Get ready to sew with bright onion domes reminiscent of Eastern European architecture, peaceful swans and funky animals inspired by folk art.

What I love the most about this collection is the vibrant colors that are great for spring and summer sewing! Just imagine all the eye-catching quilts you can make!

Tallinn Quilt_web

But what I’m currently obsessed with is the Odessa Nightfall rayon. Those big bold blooms against the dark gray background are everything!

Tallinn Rayon Dress_web

Now, instead of you reading my rambles about how cool this collection is, I’m going to let you check out the look book. There’s so many quilts, garments, and home decor projects in it that you’ll want to add all of them to your sewing list.


But if there’s one project that you should start with, it’s the Tigris free quilt pattern. Click the link below to download it.

Tallinn Quilt FREE_web

Download Tigris Quilt Pattern

For those of you who want to mix the prints in Tallinn with a few blenders, here’s a few that coordinate nicely.

Collection elements template Last but not least, you can add this lovely collection to your stash by entering our giveaway!

Tallinn giveaway
To enter, just fill the form below. The giveaway ends Friday, March 16th. Good luck!

I hope you’re excited to sew with Tallinn by Jessica Swift!


Till next time,



Congrats, Amy Carson! You've won the bundle of Tallinn fabrics. Please check your email. 

Community Sampler Sew Along: Week 1- Kitty- Corner Block

Hello Everyone, 

Who is taking part in the Community Sampler Sew Along? Two of our amazing designers, Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell are hosting another sew along and I can't be more excited because every one in the AGF Team is coming together to create a block to add to our sampler. A lot of our team members are new to quilting and sewing so I am thrilled to be able to teach them all I know. Throughout the next 14 weeks we will be posting our progress on the blog and sharing our experience as we work together to create our quilt. If you haven't heard about the Community Sampler Sew Along yet don't worry it's never to late to join. 


Kitty - Corner Block made with Splendid Fabrics


Week 1 - Sharon and Maureen shared with us our first PDF pattern of the materials needed and a coloring page of the finished quilt design.

It was hard to decide what fabrics to use for our sampler but we finally came to the conclusion Splendid Fusions was a collection that fit all the personalities of the AGF Team, sophisticated, bold and artistic. 


Week 2- They introduced the first block: The Kitty-Corner Block!


Below I share my addition to the AGF Team's Community Sampler! 


The Kitty - Corner Block teaches you how to make cute four patch units for each corner of your block. I love the yummy warm yellows and hot pinks in the Splendid Fusion Collection. For my background fabric I used our "Creme de la Creme" pure element solid. It is such a lovely rich and creamy color that allows  the jewel tone colors from Splendid Fabrics shine!




 It also shows you how to create corner square units. I love using friction pens to create my diagonal lines. They come in so many fun colors and the ink disappears so nicely with a quick press with your iron. Chain piecing  is by far the most amazing trick I learned as a quilter. Which is exactly what I did to sew  all of my 2 3/4" squares to the corners of my 4 3/4" squares.  




I really enjoyed the construction of this block so much. Using a variety of dark, medium and light fabrics this block has me dreaming of a beautiful picnic at a flower garden! 




Steph is up next to create the next block for our sampler so stay tuned to hear about her experience on the blog. I am in awe following along with everyone's blocks on Instagram. It's so much fun sewing along with all of you. Make sure to share your blocks using the hashtag #CommunitySampler so everyone can see your creations! 


Happy Sewing,