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Newest Addition to AGF Marketing Team

Greetings, AGF friends -

Pleasure to meet you all and excited to begin contributing to this very inspiring blog!

My name’s Sophia and I’m a new addition to the multi-talented, AGF Marketing Team. With a background in Marketing, Branding and Fashion Merchandising, I’ve worked in various creative environments from retail, fashion magazines, commercials, film and a design studio. More than anything, I really love collaborating with fellow passionate individuals to bring innovative ideas to life. When I'm not working, I'm often found spending time with my darling husband and two beagle puppies, dancing to disco music, swooning over the latest Gucci fashion show or cooking something spicy! 


Since sewing is definitely a main focus here at AGF, I’m super eager to start using a thread and needle again to create! There's something so satisfying when you're rolling up your sleeves and creating with your own two hands. It creates such an irreplaceable, special connection with the piece of work. Textiles have always been a huge inspiration to me, and my mind immediately translates them into countless possibilities of handmade garments and accessories. However, I’d like to “push the needle further” and start envisioning quilts! Thanks to Meli's guidance, I will eventually be creating my first quilt block along with some of the other girls here at AGF. Can't wait!

Do you remember what it was like making your first quilt block? Any tips to remember before or during the process? Feel free to post your advice in the comments, below. I’m all ears!

Looking forward to many fun projects ahead while learning with every single one of you!

Keep creating,