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March Aquamarine: 5 Ways Of Using The Color of The Month

Hello home decor lovers,

March is almost out the door and the best way to take advantage of the last days of it is to reminisce about the essence of what this month brings. With March comes Spring, Easter festivities, and anything surrounding the essence of aquamarine! This birthstone is the official stone for the month of March which is made up of a blue-green mineral. Before this month ends I want to look back at some projects that have some aquamarine properties, that would be perfect to put in your home or to give to someone who's birthday is in March! 

  March aqcuamarine


1. Light it up...

Hanging up a quilt with little Panda details and pairing them up with cute lights? I love this! Blue is such a relaxing color that placing it on any wall will soothe the environment in your house immediately. The calming effects this color has will have you stay at home, enjoying the last days of winter (or not depending on your state), and preparing colorful projects for what Spring will bring. To make your own relaxing quilt find the pattern here and to purchase Pandalicious fabric click here.


Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella


2. Aquamarine Dream

Wild Bloom Fabrics brings an aquamarine vibe to your bedroom and your dreams with soft hues of blues and turquoise. This pillow has the perfect color to fit into the March style and lots of colorful flowers to blend in with the upcoming Spring trends. Since this pillow is long and rectangular it will look great just by itself on a couch or as a statement pillow on a bed, trust me wherever you decide to include this amazing applique accessory in, there is no way it will go unnoticed.  To download the free pattern and get your own pillow click here.

Wild Bloom Quilt Free & Pillow 6 Wild Bloom by BariJ.


3. Half Moon

This one is for those that want some aquamarine details only. This cute little pillow that contributes to the color of the month, while combining those bright hues for Spring is a good addition too. All the half circles in this type of pillow design make it perfect to include different types of fabric substrate and prints. For example, how about some aquamarine from our pure elements with a denim detail? Or pair a solid cotton fabric with a canvas print? Seriously, the options and endless- OR... if you fell in love with the photo below you can get the pattern here.


Blush Pillow Tutorial 1

Blush by Dana Willard


 4. Baby Blues...

A smaller quilt for those everyday things in a softer aquamarine hue brings the most relaxing environment for any home. I personally am a big fan of blanket ladders. It displays anything in such an elegant way and helps include those colorful projects and designs in your space. Also, this is a great technique to add color to your house or apartment without having to paint or do any drastic changes. The good news is that you can buy or build your own in different sizes and heights, so even if your space is small or you think you have no space for it, chances are it will fit :) If you see yourself making this quilt find the pattern here.

6a00e553bbe52e883401bb07e560aa970d-800wiGossamer by Sharon Holland


5. Color Master

The newest curated collection of fabrics comes with an amazing free quilt pattern to put any Color Master edition to good use. The boxes come in fat quarters and half yards and include 10 prints from different collections! The Plenum quilt was designed specifically for the Color Master boxes and since we are honoring the aquamarine theme, we thought of using the Teal Thoughts edition which combines those blueish greens tones we want for March. For direct purchase follow this link.


Teal Thoughts Color Master Edition


And that's a wrap for the color of the month projects! I hope you enjoyed reading about how you can implement aquamarine in your house and how to blend it with other color tones in preparation for Spring. If you are a shop or happen to know of any other shops carrying these prints leave me a comment and I'll make sure to include them in this blog post! Can't wait to see what you'll make and hopefully I'll see lots of aquamarine on social media.

Thanks for reading :)


Decor away...