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6 Prints Made For Reupholstering

Hello DIYers,

Today I wanted to write about one of my biggest hobbies! I love recycling and reusing things in my apartment, and furniture is one of my top favorites things to work on. Either sanding it and applying a fresh color of paint or maybe changing some design aspects of it, is what I live for! Let's be honest, who doesn't have an old chair that you keep around because it reminds you of a family member, or maybe you bought it a flea market and somehow you forgot about it. I for one, am guilty of hoarding things with sentimental value, that's why today, I wanted to tell you that there is no such thing as abandoning an old or forgotten piece of furniture! Revamping it and making it new with these amazing prints has never been easier and it will definitely give your furniture some life again! 



1. The soft hand-drawn flowers from Bonnies Christine collection, Cultivate, bring the necessary amount of modern design to convert any chair into an original one, even one from IKEA! Fun desk chairs bring a splash of creativity to any workspace where ideas are meant to flow. Try your hand at this reupholstering tutorial by following Bonnie's journey on revamping a chair in her house.

Skruvsta_71-600x856  Cultivate Fabrics By Bonnie Christine.


2. For this particular project, we chose to use canvas to give it that extra added texture. When reupholstering, cotton canvas is one of the most sought out materials, as it combines both softness and sturdiness factors. It is also more durable, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear with this substrate! If you are inclined to a design like this one follow this link to purchase this fabric and make sure to click here for the tutorial.

 ArtGalleryFabrics_Joie-de-Vivre_Chair_3Joie De Vivre Fabrics By Barij


3. Chairs aren't the only ones getting a makeover! For our Love Story Lookbook, we worked on an ottoman! This fun pouf is super easy to make, and if you already have one, reupholstering it is already half the battle. The black and white print from Maureen Cracknell's collection blends with everything and adds that little extra cushioning to the room so you can enjoy it and sit pretty! To shop more canvas prints click here.



 Make sure to watch the video below to learn how you can make your own!


 Love Story Fabrics By Maureen Cracknell


4. Bring on that color to your dining chairs! Indie Folk by Pat Bravo includes this canvas print beauty and we couldn't hold back in reupholstering something with it. By just popping your chair's wooden base and wrapping your new fabric on the wood, you could have this look in no time. Either include it in your dining set or style it in an empty corner of your house, and voil√†! Whichever option you choose, it will certainly get your guest's attention!  


Indie-Folk-Living-Room-5 Indie Folk Fabrics by Pat Bravo


5. We have another video goodness to help you reupholster a chair... if you run into some unexpected problems! In our YouTube series, Let's Talk Fabric, we cover the basics on what to do when you buy a thrift store chair and run into some surprises. Spoiler alert: it involves rotten wood- yeek. For this particular project, we chose to try our hand with cotton fabric from our Capsules Collection. Make sure to watch below to get the scoop on everything that happened and how to avoid mistakes!



Take Shape Fabrics by AGF Studio.


6.  What if we tell you that reupholstering and fussy cutting with applique details can all be done in one same project? Well, its true- For this project we chose to fussy cut the leaves from our Feather Trail Rayon Panel from Campsite Fabrics and applique them into a bigger piece of our premium linen blend from the AGF Denim Studio. This print and technique gives the revamp chair a more casual and organic look, making it perfect to use to decorate any kids room. 


Capsules-Campsite-Quilt-2---Bear-Rug-4Campsite Fabrics By AGF Studio


Hope all these prints and techniques inspired you to reupholster something in your house that needs some extra love! Let me know in the comments if you are willing to try any of these styles :) 

Decor away...