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Hi home decor lovers!

These last couple of weeks I've been thinking what needs a home to fully feel together. Is it the lightning, the furniture, the plants...? While, of course, all of these definitely play a part, in my opinion (maybe because I have a pillow problem) I have to go with pillows as the main protagonists in home decor. What is a couch without comfy pillows, or a bed without a center pillow that catches your eye? For this reason, I went into our many many lookbooks, to find you the best possible pillow tutorials that I think are meant to be sewn in preparation for spring. 



1. Let's start with a big one, shall we? How amazing is this pillow!? I am all for flower crowns, so when you give me an applique pillow styling a flower crown I am definitely on board with making myself one. Besides, spring is around the corner so, the botanical aspect of this pillow correlates perfectly with the season! To find the pattern to make your own pillow click here and to directly purchase the fabric follow this link :) 


Boho Fusions by AGF Studio


2. How amazing is this Otomí inspired pillow!? Jump into spring by fussy cutting Indie Folk Fabrics to create this stylish and eye-catching design for your living room or bedroom. If you see yourself making this accessory for your home make sure to click here for the pattern.

Indie-Folk-Pillow-1-3 Indie Folk By Pat Bravo


3. Is this yellow making you scream YEE-HAW? If not, it might after finishing it! This bright and colorful pillow was designed with Texas in mind to redirect all the southwestern vibes right into your home. For those daring to bring color (and cacti) into your couch, click here to access the free pattern also the fabric available for purchase here


Day Trip Pillows 5

Day Trip Fabrics by Dana Willard.


4. Let the stare game begin! Amaze your house guests by adding some of these cute pillows into your house. Our Woodlands Fabric collection combines all aspects of the outdoors.The deep greens and reds paired up with some friendly mystical creatures will ensure a unique feeling for your home. Read all about how you can make your own by following this link. If you fell in love with this collection and would like to purchase this fabric make sure to click here or find a shop near you here. 

  Fusions Woodlands Pillow 3 1Woodlands Fusions by AGF Studio


5. LOOK a pillow made out of knit! You can't unsee it now. The softness our jersey knits can only lead to one thing, excessive couch time. These pillows are so soft and colorful that not only will they provide you with the aesthetic visuals for your house, but will also ensure to upgrade your comfort level.

DISCLAIMER: Naps may increase with this pillow. Find the tutorial here and for fabric availability and purchase follow this link.

Knit-Striped-Pillow_2Knit Striped By AGF Studio


6. You didn't think I was going to forget about floor pillows, did you? I am a big fan of pillows everywhere, so when I was thinking of my next DIY project for our YouTube series, Let's Talk Fabric, I automatically jumped into the idea of doing floor pillows with a little twist. Click to watch below to find out what I like to add to my pillows to make them stand out more. Find a shop near you here to purchase the fabrics! 

 Love Story Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell


All of these pillow projects are definitely spring material. Some are softer, brighter or more detailed than others, but at the end, they all share the same characteristic, they are perfect for making your home and space come together to keep the coziness flowing. I would love to know what you all think of these projects!


Decor away...