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2 Fusions ideal for spring: Printemps and Splendid Fusion

Hey Makers!

Spring is in full bloom which means it’s the season to sew with pretty floral fabrics, cute prints,  and bright colors to enliven your home decor, quilts, and even your outfits. Whether your style is romantic and sweet, or sophisticated and vibrant, we have two new Fusions that will take your spring sewing to the next level. Let’s check them out!

Printemps Fusion

Printemps Fusion brings together a medley of freshly picked prints to create a myriad of feminine romantic projects. This bite-sized collection has everything from painterly blooms to dainty flowers mixed with a touch of delicate geometrics for a balanced look. I absolutely love that this collection expresses the epitome of spring! Hence the name, Printemps which means spring in French. Not to mention that if you’re a lover of pink, this collection is perfect for you.

Featured designers: Bari J., April Rhodes, Maureen Cracknell, Bonnie Christine, Katarina Roccella, Amy Sinibaldi, Pat Bravo, Sharon Holland, and AGF Studio

Printemps collage

Now, for those of you who like sewing with deeper colors we present the second fusion… 

Splendid Fusion

Splendid fusion is all about bold florals, subtle brushstrokes, and jewel toned colors that bring to life an artistic yet elegant selection of prints. This bite-sized collection is great for pairing with neutrals (or denim)  and can seamlessly add pops of color to your projects without being overpowering. The thing I love about this range of prints are the abstract florals that were chosen. They are feminine yet edgy and would look great in any project!

Featured designers: Pat Bravo Katarina Roccella, Bari J., Bonnie Christine, Sharon Holland, and AGF Studio

Splendid collage-2

OK, so now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the two new additions to our Fusions bite-sized collections, it’s time to explore the lookbook! Get ready to indulge in beautiful spring quilts, stylish garments, and much more.


Make sure to take advantage of the TWO free quilt patterns we have available! You can make one quilt for your room and the other for your guest room. ;)

Fusion Printemps Free Quit 1_small

Download the Joyous Picnic free quilt pattern


Fusions Splendid Quilt Free 1_small

Download the Memoir free quilt pattern.

 From a scale from 1-10, how in in love are you with Printemps and Splendid Fusions? Did you say 11? Well, you’re the perfect candidate for our giveaway!

  Fusions giveaway graphic
 Fill the form below for a chance to with a bundle of Printemps and Splendid Fusion. Giveaway ends April 6th. Good luck!

 I hope your mind is rushing with sewing ideas for the new Fusions! Stay tuned for the next collection release.


Till next time,




Congrats, Emily Wout! You've won the bundle of Splendid and Printemps fabrics! Please check your email.



Hello Spring Chair Cover Tutorial- Project for WeAllSew

Hello Hello! 

Spring has sprung and I don't know about you but I have been doing a bunch of Spring cleaning. It's time to bringing out the bright colored decorative pillows and give your home some new life. My favorite Spring time memories growing up in Minnesota where always watching the tulips practically pop up overnight and definitely putting on our rain boots and splashing through the puddles after it rained. I love how the changing of the seasons always brings me back to my childhood. What's your favorite Spring time memory? 

For those of you that know me you know I am obsessed with sewing for the seasons. So of course I had to sneak in a little spring inspired project! Which is how the Conversational Chair Covers came to be!  If you are a seasonal sewist or want to learn to make some fun chair covers head over to the WeAllSew blog for the full tutorial



Chair Cover made with

Lambkin Fabrics

Floralia Fusion

Pure Elements



Happy Spring, 


Fabric Easter Eggs (Tutorial)

Hello, everyone!

How is everyone doing? Can anyone believe Easter is right around the corner? I remember growing up, my parents would take me to all the local parks to join an Easter egg hunt! Did you know the state of Florida held the largest Easter egg hunt, where 9,753 children searched for 501,000 eggs? Crazy, right? If you plan on decorating some eggs on Easter with your kids, I have a project for you— AGF style! 


Let's begin, shall we?

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Fabric

  • Brush

  • Plastic eggs

  • Mod Podge

  • Scissors

  • Measuring Tape

  • Pencil


1. After some trial and errors, I figured the best way to cut the fabric was in strips with pointed ends. Measure your egg from top to button and mark it with a pencil on the backside of the fabric so you know how long you should cut your strips. Also, a tip is to cut the strips close to each other so when you start putting it on the egg, the pattern won’t be distorted.


2. Start by adding Mod Podge to the egg and  placing fabric on top.

Step 1 Step 2

3. Make sure to seal it, to prevent it from getting dirty! Feel free to use the Mod Podge with the glossy finish if you want that effect on your eggs.

Step 3

Optional: Use your scraps to make a cool design like this! Experiment with different shapes and colors to make your own unique design!


Voila, you are done! 

If you read Sophia's Easter Brunch blog, this can be a great centerpiece for your dining table! Read more about how you can host a beautiful Easter brunch. 

It was a tradition in my family to go Easter egg hunting and I hope this DIY becomes a tradition so you can create wonderful memories with your kids!

If you are thinking “these fabrics are so cute!” it's your lucky day because I am giving them away! Please fill the form below and I will pick a winner on Friday, April 6.




Best wishes,




Join the Community Sampler Sew Along: Block 4 - Cactus

 Hi Everyone, 

Last week I had the pleasure of sewing the Cactus Block  with Jess from the Graphic Design team. It was also her first time sewing a quilt block so I was excited to teach her all I know. It's super exciting to get to share your passion with others and see them over come their fear of trying something new. Sewing is meant to be a fun creative outlet that brings joy to your life. Sure there are some challenges along the way but like Jess shares below when mistakes arrive, fix them with a smile. Working with Jess was such a treat! With her sweet laid back style we jammed out to songs by Devendra Banhart, a American-Venezuelan singer-songwriter. 

Do you listen to music while you sew? Or do you prefer Netflix or podcasts

The construction of the Cactus Block was so fun to put together. This block was new to me and very easily made it's way to my top  favorite quilt blocks.  Read more about Jess's first quilt block below.  Also comment below with any advice for first time quilters?  


 Cactus Block made with Splendid Fusion Fabrics

Click the image above to follow along!


 Enjoy reading about Jess's experience about being a part of the Community Sampler Sew Along


Prior to starting your quilt block did you have any sewing experience?

Not much! Very basic here and there... But I’ve always liked it.


Before starting your first quilt block lesson, what was your impression of quilting and how did you feel about doing this for the first time?

Quilting = beautiful form of design, strong organization, and a lot of focus. I was excited and at the same time a bit nervous because it is new to me. But then when I thought I’d be under the guidance of block Master Meli, everything felt right. :)


What was your favorite part about creating your first quilt block?

Seeing how from a little triangle piece, it starts growing through the seam allowances, with more and more pieces together until it’s a block, or in my case, a ‘half & half’ block. x)


What was the most difficult part about creating your quilt block?

When you realize you messed up something so simple (like the direction of one of the diagonals) → that feeling of  "aghhh noooo, now I gotta go back and start that piece alllll over again" when you’ve already spent quite some time and effort doing it. Hehe, funny how something so obvious can get us sometimes…


What advice would you give someone who is new to quilting?

Just love the whole process especially, when mistakes arrive :p fix them with a smile.


How does it feel to have created your first quilt block?

Inspiring ♥  I’m seeing it as a little push to get more into sewing.


How has your idea of quilting changed after learning more about it?

It is more special and fun than what it looks like.


Do you see yourself quilting in the future?

Why not? I would like to make at least one entire quilt in my life.


This is Jess above looking pretty happy about how her block turned out!  


Join me next week for the reveal of the new block.  For the next installment of the AGF Community Sampler, I get to sew with Kelly from the Production Design Team! 

Click on the pics below to read all about our previous blocks created for the Sew Along. 


Block 1: Kitty-Corner 


Block 2- Dovecote 

Final block

Block 3- Ribbon Star 


If you plan on being a part of the Community Sampler Sew Along hosted by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell make sure to share your blocks on Instagram using the #CommunitySampler so other people can check out your finished blocks. That's my favorite part !!! I love getting see everyone's amazing blocks and fabric choices.  Sew Alongs are the best to meet new sewing friends and share your passion with people who love the same craft you love. 


Happy Sewing, 


Meet the newest addition to the AGF family!

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jannelle,  I am the newest member of the AGF team and it's my birthday today! I am excited to participate in these blogs to share all my various ideas! Growing up I was very crafty, I would make small projects from pillows to jewelry-- anything I could find online.  Finding projects online has led me to discover a community of people that share my interests and influenced me to join all-new, upcoming social media platforms. I later realized how much the internet is going to change the way we do business which led me to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.


When I am not behind the computer screen (80% of the time), I really enjoy cooking for my loved ones. My family is from Peru, so I was fortunate to be surrounded by the delicious cuisine all the time. I learned how to cook from my grandmother and I was always eager to learn more skills in the kitchen. Cooking has always been my creative outlet and now I hope to add sewing to my arsenal of creative skills!

Now being part of this inspiring industry, I am eager to challenge my crafty skills with fabric! I am a beginner when it comes to sewing but I am ready to step up my game and bring exciting projects to the table.

If you have any ideas you would like to share with me, please let me know in the comments below.

I hope we can inspire each other!

See you soon,


Hosting Easter Brunch

Easter is approaching very soon and it’s a time when we open our homes to our loved ones! Since I can remember, my family has always had an Easter brunch. All of us would gather at my grandparents’ house, wearing our pastel-colored “Sunday Best” outfits, and sit down at a beautifully decorated table to enjoy a wonderful spread of Italian-influenced dishes. From my grandfather’s homemade zabaione (that’s Italian eggnog) to my grandmother’s roasted lamb accompanied with fresh vegetables, followed by my mother’s ricotta cake, it was always a delicious and unforgettable meal.

This year, I’ll be inviting my family to my place for Easter brunch and if you’re like me, you not only enjoy cooking for others but also love taking the time to layer in those handmade surprises and delights for guests. If this is your first time hosting an Easter brunch or if you’re just looking for some spring-inspired DIY projects, here’s some ideas to get those creative juices flowing! 


Place Mats


Fabric Collection: “Wonderful Things” by Bonnie Christine

If table runners aren’t your style, place mats can equally serve the same purpose! These create a cozy, little individual space for every guest at the table. The “Wonderful Things” collection contains various florals and happy hues like pops of yellow. Speaking of florals, don’t forget to add some fresh cut flowers to the table as well! For the place mat pattern, view here.

Comfy Throw Pillows

Fabric Collection: “Doll House” by Amy Sinibaldi

Comfort is key when it comes to your guests, so why not add a pillow to their seat at the table? It adds an unexpected detail that instantly makes everyone feel cozy. The “Doll House” fabric collection is a great go-to due to its variety of florals and light colors that are reminiscent of springtime. For the throw pillow pattern, view here.

Table Runner


Fabric Collection: “Heartland” by Pat Bravo

Dress up your table and impress your guests with a fresh, modern table runner. The “Heartland” fabric collection is full of blossomed flowers and delicate designs, influenced by Scandinavian travels that create a homey feel. The “jelly roll” pattern can be found via Youtube.



Fabric Collection: “Le Vintage Chic” by AGF Studio

Not only are you protecting your surfaces, but coasters add a little detail to your guests’ drink of choice. The “Vintage Chic” collection has an array of feminine flowers and rustic elements that create timeless elegance in your décor. Here’s a pattern for coaster-creating.

Bunny Plushies


Fabric Collection: “Abloom Fusion” by AGF Studio

Besides an Easter egg hunt, it’s always nice to have a little surprise for the kiddies! These rabbit plushies are great for children of all ages and makes the perfect snuggle buddy as well. I'll be making two of these bunnies for my little niece and nephew who will be celebrating their first Easter, this year! For this cute critter pattern, find it here

Easter Attire


Fabric Collection: “Wild Bloom” by Bari J.

Don’t forget you’re the “hostess with the mostess,” so make sure you're wearing an Easter outfit that allows you to not only be comfortable but festive! Cotton is a great lightweight fabric to wear while “playing host” since you’re running around the kitchen or dining area, making sure everything is in its right place. For the dress pattern, you can view here.

What are some of your Easter traditions? Do you have a special way of hosting your guests? What little details do you enjoy creating for them? Please feel free to share in the comments.

Hope you all enjoy a lovely Easter with your family and friends!

Keep creating,

- Sophia