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Things to Sew for your Kids- Sewing with Knits

Hey Everyone, 

Sew anything for yourself lately?  I am in the process of sewing up a top with AGF Striped Knit. I love sewing for me but I usually tend to do most of my sewing for family and friends. Have you seen the New AGF Striped Knit Lookbook yet? If your new to sewing with knits you are going to want to check out this lookbook. There are so many cute sewing patterns that I can't wait to make for my niece and nephews. When I think of sewing with knits I automatically think apparel but after seeing the projects made with AGF Striped Knits I can't wait to make so many new things I never thought of. What are some of your favorite things to sew with knit fabrics?  






1. DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals 

Cuteness overload! Put a smile on anyone's face by presenting them with the cutest stuffed animal ever. All you need is a long tube of your favorite  knit fabric, pillow stuffing and some thread. This would make for a fun project to do with your kids as they watch their new stuffed animal come to life. Try customizing your balloon animal by making it bigger or smaller or adding some embellishments like tassels or trim. 




2. Kids turtle Neck and matching Leggings 

Burda Style understands kids apparel. I love how put together this look is while still being comfy and a perfect play time outfit for your little ones. We used solid knit to create contrast and to help the collar and pocket stand out against the strip knit background.  Don't they go together so beautifully!? We also added solid knit to the waist band and cuffs on the leggings which I think makes the whole outfit come together! Definitely will be making a bunch of these outfits for my one year old godson! 


Striped Knit Dress & Travel Pillow 3


3. Travel Size Neck Pillow

I remember when I was little every family vacation we had our family of six would all cram into the car and drive to our destination because taking a plane was just to expensive. So many great memories but also unpleasant memories of being squished in a car for hours on end! :) To make your family road trips a tiny bit better travel neck pillows are a must! We made ours with two different colors of striped knit fabrics for added fun and lots of yummy quilting.    




4. Cozy Kitty Pattern

As a cat lover I am beside myself with how cute these Cozy Kitties turned out. We used two different striped knit fabrics in the same color family to create the cutest contrast in the ears, belly and tail. Try scaling up or down the pattern to change the finished size of your kitties.


Striped Knits Knot Pillow 1

5. Knot Pillows 

You can never have enough decorative pillows especially ones as interesting as these Knot Pillows. They are definitely eye catching and they look like a piece of art. Make them all in different sizes and color to place in your kids rooms for added style and  comfort.  


View the video above for more inspiration and sewing patterns made specially for knit fabrics!


Please share in the comments below  some of your favorite things to sew with knit fabrics?  

Happy Sewing,