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Hexie Love: Why You Should Let Hexies Take Over Your Home!

Hexies lovers, where are you at? Raise your hands if you are like me and would love to fill your house with hexies. Hexies, just like the word describes it, are pieces of any kind of material shaped as hexagons, that basically bring a modern twist to everything they are applied to. In our case, we love turning fabric into hexies and decorating any piece of home decor item with it. So, if you are looking to give your accessories, walls or mostly anything in your house a nice modern twist, hexie away with me as I show you the 5 ways you can utilize this tactic. 


So to start off, I put together a list of five categories where you can let your hexie obsessions grow. 


1. Hexies in Pillows

Statment pillows are the must-have items. How many of us usually have a chair or a couch that left pillow-less just looks sad? A great idea to spruce up your living room or bedroom is by adding hexies to regular pillows! Here we show you two ways, either cover the entire surface with large hexies or indulge in some English Paper Piecing and decorate a white pillow with some decorative and small hexies. Click here to access the free pattern for this hexie pillow!


Le Vintage Chic Fabrics by AGF Studio

To learn how you can make your own English Paper Piecing pillow make sure to follow these steps by the Modern Handcraft.


Boardwalk Empire Fabrics By Dana Willard

2. Hexies On The Wall.

This category is one of my favorites! I love hanging things on my wall and creating a gallery full of different objects that contrast in shape, size, and color. These embroidery hoops showcasing this hexie-inspired fabric is the perfect accessory to hang on a wall for everyone to see! 


Blush Fabrics by Dana Willard 
Embroidery hoops by Nerd & Brawler 

3. Hexies in Home Accessories.

How about a hexie filled organizer for your everyday sewing items? I say YEES! How cute is this? Plus if you click on the step by step tutorial you will find out that it comes with compartments inside. 


Little Town Fabrics By Amy Sinibaldi

 Now repeat after me, where do we want to see hexies? Everywhere! And when do we want them? NOW. Now is correct, especially when there is a free pattern for these cute hexies placemats here!


 Heartland Fabrics by Pat Bravo

4. Hexies in Coasters

So, it has been established that hexies in placemats are an excellent idea, so let's pair them up with some coasters to make a cute hexie set for your dining table! You can either try your hand at sewing with our denim or our cotton. It's up to you, either substrate will look amazing. To download the coaster free pattern click here


The Denim Studio by AGF


Take Shape Fabrics by AGF Studio

5. Hexies in Quilts

Last but not least, we have the ultimate display of hexies you can have in your home, as quilts of course! You can either choose to hang them on a wall to display its full design or drape it over a bench or a couch to bundle up with it. Get this hanging quilt by downloading the free quilt pattern instructions here. 


 Lavish Fabrics by Katarina Roccella

If you're a more of a blanket person, we definitely recommend bundling up to this hexie quilt! Get your sewing machine ready because this cute accessory for your home comes with a free pattern!  


Sweet as Honey Fabrics by Bonnie Christine


Hope you have all enjoyed these categories and if you have a favorite I would love to know! Also if you think I've missed a main accessory or item that should have hexies let me know in the comments :)


Decor away...







More Capsules Collections Coming Your Way: Campsite & Raise the Volume

Hey Makers!

What’s new? Here in South Florida, it’s bright, sunny, and we’re back to our “normal” weather of 80 degrees (compared to 50 degree “cold” we’ve been having). Which means it’s the perfect time for picnics and even camping trips! Are you a fan of camping?

Here at AGF we sure are! There’s something so adventurous about building your own tent, exploring hiking trails, roasting marshmallows, and sharing stories around a fire. We love this life of adventure so much that we decided to create a Capsule collection dedicated to camping. It’s called Campsite!

Capsules collage- campsite

Campsite is filled with glowing fireflies, curious woodland creatures, and flowing feathers over a fresh color palette of deep teal, greens, blush and burnt sienna. This collection is great for children’s projects, fun pillows, funky novelties, and of course quilts!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! We have a second Capsule for you to sew with. If you’re a fan of low-volume fabrics to use as blenders, you’re going to love Raise the Volume!

Capsules collage- raise the volume

Raise the Volume consists of crisp lines, abstract shapes, and eccentric typography over subtle variations of white to beautifully blend with anything you sew. This Capsule collection is like blank canvas that can be enlivened with bright solids, a variety of AGF collections, and even denim!

I invite you to the check out the lookbook that’s filled with tons of projects you can make with these bite-sized collections. Get ready to be inspired by stunning quilts, pillows, garments, and projects you never knew could be sewn!




Make sure to take advantage of the free quilt patterns that are available!

Capsules Campsite Quilt FREE_web

Download the Moonlit Camp Free Quilt Pattern

Capsules Raise the Volume Quilt Free_web

Download the Acoustic Free Quilt Pattern

Last but not least, remember to enter the giveaway!

Giveaway graphic

Fill the form below for a chance to win a bundle of Campsite fabrics AND Raise the Volume fabrics! Giveaway ends February 23rd. Good Luck!

I hope you’re as excited as we are about these Capsules bite-sized collections!


Till the next release! 


Congrats, Jennie Snyder! You're the winner of the Capsules giveaway. Please check your email. 


Sewing Tutorial- How to make a Mayflower Quilt Block

Hey there Makers,

I always get so excited when AGF releases a new fabric collection! Did you know we release around two or more fabric collections a month! It's hard to not be inspired by all the amazing prints, substrates, and free sewing patterns that is created and showcased in the beautiful pages of the lookbooks. Today I want to draw your attention to the cutest new collection called Campsite! I can't even begin to choose a favorite print from this collection, it showcases so many cute critters you would find on a camping trip like fire flies, foxes and deer. What's a camping trip without s'mores! For all of you with a sweet tooth check out the print "Campfire Sweets".  


I knew right away I needed to choose a quilt block that will showcase the cute elements in the Campfire collection which is why I choose the Mayflower Block! I love the scrappy look it has while still being a great block to show off all the cute fabrics. I used eight different fabrics to create this block playing with light and darker prints. 




View the video below to make the Mayflower Block. Head over to our youtube to explore all the blocks in the collection. Make sure to share your blocks made with AGF Fabrics on Instagram using the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection  to be entered to win our monthly fabric bundle giveaway


Share in the comments box below your favorite camping memory? Don't like camping, share your favorite outdoor memory. 

When I was growing up I was a proud member of the Girl Scouts community. Every year we would have a big camping trip where we would meet so many other Girl Scout troops throughout our state of Minnesota! It was so fun meeting new friends and becoming closer to old ones! I loved cooking food over the fire and telling ghost stories! 

Happy Valentine's Day, 


Things to Sew for your Kids- Sewing with Knits

Hey Everyone, 

Sew anything for yourself lately?  I am in the process of sewing up a top with AGF Striped Knit. I love sewing for me but I usually tend to do most of my sewing for family and friends. Have you seen the New AGF Striped Knit Lookbook yet? If your new to sewing with knits you are going to want to check out this lookbook. There are so many cute sewing patterns that I can't wait to make for my niece and nephews. When I think of sewing with knits I automatically think apparel but after seeing the projects made with AGF Striped Knits I can't wait to make so many new things I never thought of. What are some of your favorite things to sew with knit fabrics?  






1. DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals 

Cuteness overload! Put a smile on anyone's face by presenting them with the cutest stuffed animal ever. All you need is a long tube of your favorite  knit fabric, pillow stuffing and some thread. This would make for a fun project to do with your kids as they watch their new stuffed animal come to life. Try customizing your balloon animal by making it bigger or smaller or adding some embellishments like tassels or trim. 




2. Kids turtle Neck and matching Leggings 

Burda Style understands kids apparel. I love how put together this look is while still being comfy and a perfect play time outfit for your little ones. We used solid knit to create contrast and to help the collar and pocket stand out against the strip knit background.  Don't they go together so beautifully!? We also added solid knit to the waist band and cuffs on the leggings which I think makes the whole outfit come together! Definitely will be making a bunch of these outfits for my one year old godson! 


Striped Knit Dress & Travel Pillow 3


3. Travel Size Neck Pillow

I remember when I was little every family vacation we had our family of six would all cram into the car and drive to our destination because taking a plane was just to expensive. So many great memories but also unpleasant memories of being squished in a car for hours on end! :) To make your family road trips a tiny bit better travel neck pillows are a must! We made ours with two different colors of striped knit fabrics for added fun and lots of yummy quilting.    




4. Cozy Kitty Pattern

As a cat lover I am beside myself with how cute these Cozy Kitties turned out. We used two different striped knit fabrics in the same color family to create the cutest contrast in the ears, belly and tail. Try scaling up or down the pattern to change the finished size of your kitties.


Striped Knits Knot Pillow 1

5. Knot Pillows 

You can never have enough decorative pillows especially ones as interesting as these Knot Pillows. They are definitely eye catching and they look like a piece of art. Make them all in different sizes and color to place in your kids rooms for added style and  comfort.  


View the video above for more inspiration and sewing patterns made specially for knit fabrics!


Please share in the comments below  some of your favorite things to sew with knit fabrics?  

Happy Sewing, 





Printable Valentine's cards just for you!

Hey Makers!

I have a little poem for you. Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s the month of love, can I get a woo hoo?! I know that was really silly, but i just couldn’t resist. :P We’re only a few days away from Valentine’s Day which means it’s time to prepare little goodies filled with love for your loved ones and friends. This is such a cute holiday to show people how much you care for them without breaking the bank.

Over the years, one of my favorite things to do during this time of year is making custom cards for my close friends and family. Whether I make them by hand or digitally, Valentine’s Day always gives me a reason to get artistic and buy tons of chocolate. We all know you can’t give out a Valentine’s card without chocolate!

Valentine's day pinterest graphic

To save you some money for more fabrics (heh heh), I’ve made a few printable Valentine’s cards that you can give your loved ones. The cards feature elements from our Letters Capsule collection, Paperie by Amy Sinibaldi, and Love Story by Maureen Cracknell. So load up your printer with some card stock and click the link below to download the cards.

Valentine's cards optionsDOWNLOAD VALENTINE'S CARDS

Each card is 4in by 6in and will print blank on the back so that you can add a special message. I hope you like them! Feel free to let me know in the comments what are your Valentine’s Day plans. 

Have a loved filled week! 


This Valentine's Day, Stay At Home

Did you know that 53% of Americans prefer to stay at home during Valentine's day? For me, I am definitely inside that percent pool. I much rather stay in the comfort of my home, add some touches to make it extra Valentine-y (is that a word?) and have a nice dinner. The key to making the experience memorable is to set the mood just right so that your loved one feels appreciative. So how about a very romantic Valentine's dinner from the comfort of your home? Here is how: 




The ladies at AGF all took a vote and we picked the 5 most important things that have to be present at a dinner in order for it to be romantic.

1. Candles

Candles are a must for making the room come together and having a warmth feeling radiate throughout it. We suggest pairing up a few candles with a nice table runner to start off these Valentine's decorations. It also helps the mood if the table runner paired up is from a collection called Love Story Fabrics. Talk about making things extra special ;) 



Love Story Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell


2. Flowers.

The must-have item to have these Valentine's Day is definitely the one that brings the most joy when received, Flowers! We all have our favorites, either we like a certain type because of its color, smell, size or MEDIUM- yes medium, at AGF we prefer Fabric Flowers, but whatever your preference is we recommend you drown your space with all types of flowers throughout your dinner table and home to set the mood for your dinner plans.


 Floralia Fusion by AGF Studio


3. Table Setting


Okay, candles done. Mood set. Now, next thing on the list is FOOD. well, not exactly. When prepping the table for Valentine's dinner we suggest you go with warm colors that won't clash with the light of the candles. Since the color of love is associated with reds, we suggest staying in that color theme by using the Woodlands Fusion collection which offers a variety of colors that work well within Valentine's Day theme. Click here if you want to access a free pattern for this table runners ! 


  Woodlands Fusion by AGF Studio


4. Comfort

Any space meant to be spent next to your loved ones on Valentine's Day should definitely be a comfy one. So splurge in some floor poufs and pillows to make the space in your home cozier. 


 Love Story Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell

5. Love

aaaand last but not least, bring on the LOVE. If you are hosting for friends or loved ones, for one or for many, one thing should be a constant- spread that love! Make sure to take time out of your day to remind your loved ones how important they are to you. XoXo's for everyone, even for quilts! Click here to access this free quilt pattern from Love Story Fabrics.



 Love Story Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell



Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day surrounded by good food and good company!


Decor away....