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Hexie Love: Why You Should Let Hexies Take Over Your Home!

Hexies lovers, where are you at? Raise your hands if you are like me and would love to fill your house with hexies. Hexies, just like the word describes it, are pieces of any kind of material shaped as hexagons, that basically bring a modern twist to everything they are applied to. In our case, we love turning fabric into hexies and decorating any piece of home decor item with it. So, if you are looking to give your accessories, walls or mostly anything in your house a nice modern twist, hexie away with me as I show you the 5 ways you can utilize this tactic. 


So to start off, I put together a list of five categories where you can let your hexie obsessions grow. 


1. Hexies in Pillows

Statment pillows are the must-have items. How many of us usually have a chair or a couch that left pillow-less just looks sad? A great idea to spruce up your living room or bedroom is by adding hexies to regular pillows! Here we show you two ways, either cover the entire surface with large hexies or indulge in some English Paper Piecing and decorate a white pillow with some decorative and small hexies. Click here to access the free pattern for this hexie pillow!


Le Vintage Chic Fabrics by AGF Studio

To learn how you can make your own English Paper Piecing pillow make sure to follow these steps by the Modern Handcraft.


Boardwalk Empire Fabrics By Dana Willard

2. Hexies On The Wall.

This category is one of my favorites! I love hanging things on my wall and creating a gallery full of different objects that contrast in shape, size, and color. These embroidery hoops showcasing this hexie-inspired fabric is the perfect accessory to hang on a wall for everyone to see! 


Blush Fabrics by Dana Willard 
Embroidery hoops by Nerd & Brawler 

3. Hexies in Home Accessories.

How about a hexie filled organizer for your everyday sewing items? I say YEES! How cute is this? Plus if you click on the step by step tutorial you will find out that it comes with compartments inside. 


Little Town Fabrics By Amy Sinibaldi

 Now repeat after me, where do we want to see hexies? Everywhere! And when do we want them? NOW. Now is correct, especially when there is a free pattern for these cute hexies placemats here!


 Heartland Fabrics by Pat Bravo

4. Hexies in Coasters

So, it has been established that hexies in placemats are an excellent idea, so let's pair them up with some coasters to make a cute hexie set for your dining table! You can either try your hand at sewing with our denim or our cotton. It's up to you, either substrate will look amazing. To download the coaster free pattern click here


The Denim Studio by AGF


Take Shape Fabrics by AGF Studio

5. Hexies in Quilts

Last but not least, we have the ultimate display of hexies you can have in your home, as quilts of course! You can either choose to hang them on a wall to display its full design or drape it over a bench or a couch to bundle up with it. Get this hanging quilt by downloading the free quilt pattern instructions here. 


 Lavish Fabrics by Katarina Roccella

If you're a more of a blanket person, we definitely recommend bundling up to this hexie quilt! Get your sewing machine ready because this cute accessory for your home comes with a free pattern!  


Sweet as Honey Fabrics by Bonnie Christine


Hope you have all enjoyed these categories and if you have a favorite I would love to know! Also if you think I've missed a main accessory or item that should have hexies let me know in the comments :)


Decor away...