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Warmer weather is coming our way and it's making our plants come out of hiding and start blooming. To honor the season we thought it would be a nice idea to pair up our green friends with colorful and fun accessories that will surely help spread the love and the spirit of Spring.



1. To start off the potting season, how about some nice and earthy pots done in Esoterra Fabrics by Katarina Roccella? Unisex fabrics and colors are the preferred trends this season as they are easy to pair up and give as gifts- so if you know someone who might appreciate an original and handmade pot plant, follow this pot pattern here. 


Esoterra by Katarina Roccella

 2. Succulents are big in the plant world and pots for them are definitely a must! The Capsule collection by the AGF Studio is the perfect combination of colors and shapes that will pair up organically with the various forms these succulents take. The best part is that they also require minimum water and you can keep them anywhere! If you see yourself having these tiny cute pots follow this link to the pattern.

Capsules-Take-Shape-Product-Inspiration-PlanterBins-1Take Shape Fabrics by AGF Studio

 3. Similar to the succulent pots these cute bins are wider to fit a tiny succulent army! How cute would a set up like this be for your desk? Definitely, a cute accessory that would brighten anyone's day just by looking at it. We suggest placing a plastic container bordering the bin, that way when watering the plants, the water doesn't go through the fabric. If you see yourself making some of these, make sure to click here for the plant pot patterns.


Succulence Fabrics by Bonnie Christine 

 4.  You open a window, you smell warmer weather and the first thought you have is to walk around town while doing your errands. On the way to getting things done you stop and buy a fresh bouquet of spring flowers, but where to put them so that they don't get squished? On a market sling of course! Follow this link here to get the pattern.

ArtGalleryFabrics_Succulence_SlingBag_1Succulence Fabrics by Bonnie Christine


5. As the cold weather retrieves, people start coming out of their hibernation places and socializing increases! If you see yourself having to host gatherings this is a cute way of decorating your house or table and welcoming spring into your house! These cute fabric bins are perfect for putting anything in it- even fake flowers!. Click this link to follow the bin pattern to make your way towards a colorful decor! 


Wild Bloom Fabrics by BariJ.

 6. Bonus!

 Yes, fine- this is not an accessory for your plants, but an accessory plant made out of fabric. WHAT? How cute are these fabric-made cacti! Perfect as an office desk decor or as a gift or even to just to keep around the house :) The cute bonus surprise is that they also double as pin cushions, which means you get to have a new accessory for your sewing station that nurtures your green thumb! Find the fabric cacti pattern here :)


Sage Fabrics By BariJ.


I hope all of these photos got you inspired for the upcoming spring sewing projects and for doing some plant shopping (or creating your own)! Can't wait to read what you think in the comments. :) 


Decor away...