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Let's Talk Fabric: Up-Cycle Lamp Tutorial

Hi DIYers!

Here I am with another episode of Let's Talk Fabric. If you haven't heard of this series at AGF, it's a section of our YouTube channel where we feature videos showcasing DIY Home Decor projects- involving fabric of course! We try to always keep them as simple and hassle-free as possible, because like YOU, we understand how lazy one get can after work or over the weekend. So make sure to scroll down to watch the video and follow this step-by-step tutorial where you can recycle your old curtains rings into a cool new and stylish lamp for your house or apartment. :)

 Lets Talk Fabric - lamp pinterest


This video features two of the biggest releases AGF's had in 2017, Pat Bravo's latest collection, Indie Folk and Color Master, a curated collection box of fabrics like no other. Color Master comes in 12 different editions in fat quarters and half yards. We decided to try our second lamp with edition No. 12- Winter Wheat.

To optimize all 8 rings in both lamps we combined the prints with some Pure Elements fabrics to give the overall design a more relaxed look and a unique style that ultimately can combine both sets of collections and lamps. Make sure to click here to find a store near you and be able to shop all of the AGF collections.



 So... would you try it? I say YES. Go for it, and leave me a comment below telling me all about it! :)


Decor away...