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Let's Talk Fabric: How to Reupholster a Chair

Hello DIYers, 

Welcome to another episode of Let's Talk Fabric an AGF series showcasing videos featuring DIY Home Decor projects! In today's episode, we found an old chair in serious need of some makeover. We liked the frame, but hated the cushion- so watch the video below to see everything we went through to make this chair worthy of sitting again! 



For this project, we focused on bringing life back to a forgotten chair that needed some extra love. We wanted to keep some elements in order to maintain its original charm, while still modernizing it. We went with some geometric shapes, so they would contrast with the curvy structure of the frame, giving the final project a more chic look. The print used is called Flipped Semicircles from the Take Shape collection. To find a store near you make sure to click here. 


Keep in mind that for this particular project, directions may vary since a vintage chair will always be different! But, regardless of what project you would like to upgrade, don't be scared- anything old looks pretty amazing with a brand new print. Leave me a comment telling me your experience :) 


Decor away...