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Happy New Year and to more sewing with the AGF Quilt Block Collection

Hey There Makers, 

How was your New Year celebration? There is something fun and exhilarating about starting a new year! It's the time where we think of the things we need to work on and what direction we want to go. Setting goals are a great way to get organized about what you want to happen in your life. The important thing to remember is to take baby steps to achieve your goals and don't stress to much about it. One of my 2018 goals are to buy less and sew more. Before I go ahead and buy that pillow, blanket, scarf, outfit, necklace, whatever it may be, I am going to ask myself can I make this and if the answer is yes, I am going to walk away from the item. I will keep you posted through the year on my progress. Comment below and share with me your New Year Resolutions. Today I want to share with you block Number 29 in the AGF Quilt Block Collection, the Union Square Block featuring Love Story Fabrics.  I love the"Lovebirds Amber" print in the center of my block. I also am a big fan of the square within a square look and the hst's on each of the corners adds a nice pop and finishing touch. I definitely see me turning this block into a sweet decorative pillow for my sofa. 


Don't forget about our monthly AGF Quilt Block Contest on Instagram where two winners are chosen every month. All you have to do is make a block from the collection with AGF Fabrics and post on Instagram with the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection.  I hope to see more of your blocks in 2018! 

Watch the video below to make the Union Square block!