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All Things Mini Presents: Sewing with Baby Blue- Reverse Applique Tutorial

Hi there, 

The first month out of the year is almost done and 2018 is in full swing. To end January off with a bang I wanted to sew something up to brighten the months ahead. What better way to do that then to search the AGF colorfun colors of years past to find the perfect color! Baby Blue was the winner because of its  refreshing and modern feel. Mini quilts are one of my favorite things to make because you can accomplish smaller projects quicker giving you that sense of accomplishment we all love to feel. In today's world time is hard to come by so I am always in need of fun, quick, easy projects.  Follow along with me and make the Water Ripple Mini, where I used the fun easy technique called Reverse Applique! For more reverse applique projects check out the Wild Bloom lookbook, it's full of super cool projects to add to your sewing list. I decided to turn my mini into a pillow to freshen up my bedding.  Don't forget to enter the Baby Blue Bundle Giveaway below! 




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 Approx size: 20" x 20" 

Fabrics Used: 


Fabric A-GSS-7248-Mirrors and Water
Fabric B-DFT-5307- Gemmed Pathways Sea
Fabric C- DFT-5305- Island Droplets Sky
Fabric D- CHA-41707- Pavilion Teacup
Fabric E- LAM-54282-Chads Retreat
Fabric F- DEN-S-2004- Infused Hydrangea
Fabric G- PE-432-Sandstone


Cutting Directions: 


 One (1) 8 1/2" square from Fabric B,C, D, and E

One (1) 16 1/2" square from Fabric F 

Two (2) 2 1/2" x 16 1/2" strips from Fabric A

Two (2) 2 1/2" x 20 1/2" strips from Fabric A

Two (2) 20 1/2" x 12" rectangle on the fold from Fabric A (Backing envelope style closure for pillow) 


20 1/2" square batting  

Other Supplies you will need: 

Sharp embroidery scissors 

Fabric marking pen

Download  Templates here 


Step 1: Sewing the Pillow Top

 Sew your 8 ½” squares from Fabric B, C, D, and E together to form a four patch block.


Take your 16 ½” square of denim fabric  and place on top of your four patch block. With right side facing you. Stitch all the way around your piece at ¼” to secure your 16 ½” square to your four patch block.   


Next sew your 2 ½” x 16 ½” border strips from Fabric A to the sides of your piece and then sew your 2 ½” x 20 ½” strips to the top and bottom. Take your pillow top and  a piece of backing fabric and sandwich in between a piece of batting. 


Place your templates on to your pillow top following the image below and trace out your templates with a fabric marking pen. Repeat this same process to the other side of your pillow top. Stitch on the lines you drew to create your pillow top design.



 Now for the fun part! Grab your sharp embroidery scissors and pierce a sharp hole in the top layer of fabric. Make your way to the edge of your stitch line and hold your fabric taut. Cut out your top layer of fabric leaving at least ⅛” of fabric. Repeat this process with all your stitched template shapes.



Your pillow top is complete and at this stage in the process it’s time to decide whether you want to turn your project into a mini or make a pillow.

 To turn your project into a pillow take both of your 20 ½” x 12” rectangle cut on the fold and topstitch at ¼” or ½” on the fold edge.

Place your folded rectangles one on top of each other on top of your pillow top and pin your pieces together. Stitch all the way around your pillow. Trim the corners of your pillow at the seam allowance to create less bulk.


 Turn your pillow right side out through the envelope backing. Use a turning tool or the tip of your scissors to poke out the corners of your pillow!


Give your pillow a good press and insert your 20” pillow form into your pillow case!


I love how this pillow project turned out and can't wait to make another pillow and place both of them on my bed to help bring my boring old bedding to life.

 Hope you all give this project a try and enjoy reverse applique as much as I did. The possibilities are endless and you will for sure be seeing more projects with reverse applique in future blog posts!  (WARNING: Reverse Applique is addicting! :) )


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I am already in the works for next months All Things Mini tutorial and I can’t wait to show you my Valentine inspired mini! 




Congrats Laura Sharp you are the winner of the Baby Blue Bundle! Be sure to check your email :)

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