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Quilts Donated with Love for AGF Comforts Texas

Hello, wonderful makers!

The holiday season is filled with so many special moments, time with family, and gifts but with shopping, parties, and a myriad of things on our minds it’s easy to forget what this time is truly about. It’s time to be grateful for everything you have regardless of your circumstances. At AGF, we’re all extremely thankful to be part of such a supportive and creative community because you inspire us everyday to do what we love. Not to mention, that earlier this year we were overjoyed by all the love you shared with us during our quilt drive.  

Between mid August and early September, Texas was hit by the devastating Hurricane Harvey. Many of the residents in Houston lost their homes due to the floods and till this day are trying to recover from the effects. During this time, the destruction was constantly on the news and everyone felt the need to help. Many organizations collected monetary donations, but we felt that this wasn’t enough. As makers, we believed that the victims needed to be comforted with love from quilts as a representation of their home. Hence, we partnered with Quilts of Compassion to host the #AGFcomfortsTexas quilt drive.


After researching many organizations, we felt the most connected to Quilts of Compassion because they are a non-profit organization that has been delivering quilts to disaster areas for over 15 years. The organization was scheduled to deploy quilts in November to ensure that the area of destruction was safe. From the moment we were notified the day of deployment the AGF quilt drive begun!


We collected quilts from September to October and we couldn’t be happier with the response. We received over 120 quilts from all over the world! It was truly humbling and exciting to see the quilting community come together to help others.

In gratitude for everyone’s generosity, we sent everyone who donated a quilt a little gift.  In addition, the team from Quilts of Compassion shared with us that everyone who received a quilt was overjoyed.


We hope that all the victims of Hurricane Harvey have recovered to normality and that we’re all able to love and help each other not just during difficult times. So this holiday season, hug your loved ones, wrap them in a quilt, and let everyone know how grateful you are to have them in your life.


Happy Holidays!