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5 Things to Know to Improve your Sewing Projects

Hi Sewing Friends, 

It's that time of year where we start thinking about the year that has past and what we have accomplished. Reflecting on the year that has past I have had many great accomplishments! One thing that always ends up on my New Year's Resolution list is to sew more and to become better at my craft because we all know,  "practice makes perfect"!   This year I focused on project completion because if you are a perfectionist like me most often times you end up with a million unfinished projects. No matter if you have been sewing since you where 5 or if you just started 3 months ago sewing is a craft that allows you to consistently keep growing and learn something something new. 

I love finding new tips and tricks to help me better perfect my sewing projects so they come out looking more professional and polished yet still having the handmade feel we all love as makers. 

How many of you go to the store and think, that dress or pillow is cute, I can totally make that but then never do. Well it's time to add this to your New Year's Resolution list! Less buying more sewing! To help get you started I put together a video with some tips to help improve your sewing projects in 2018. 



How many of you press your fabrics before cutting, or press as you go? Sometimes taking the time to press here and there as you are sewing a project can make a world of difference in your final project. Ultimately your projects will come our without puckers, your seams will match, and your fabric won't look wavy and distorted.  

Who knows the difference between ironing and pressing? Watch the video below for helpful tips to use in your next sewing project. 


Happy Sewing,