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Holidays are the Perfect time to Sew for Charity

This past weekend on one of my sewing facebook groups a woman posted the question: “Wondering what to make for the holidays this year. Previously I’ve made [XYZ] and it was greeted with a lackluster reception, I don’t think my family appreciates my handmade gifts. What should I make them this year?” I’ve read post after post along the same lines and personally experienced the same disheartening reaction when gifting handmade. It’s for this reason that I now only make handmade items for a very small, select group of individuals that I know really appreciate and love the things I’ve sewn for them, about five lucky ducks. The rest, I just save time and buy them something I think they will love. No hard feelings, everyone is happy and I didn’t waste creative energy, supplies and time. An added bonus is that by limiting the amount of people I make gifts for I’m able to really devote my time to each gift and embellish with special little details.

Color weave

Sticking to my hardline, slightly Grinch-y, “no handmade gifts for most” policy can be hard though. Sometimes, I just want the pleasure of making tons of beautiful gifts! I remembered that in the past AGF hosted a charity sewing booth at Quilt Market and a quilt drive for the hurricane victims in Texas.  Then, I had an epiphany- now is the perfect time to sew for charity. This is the time of year when those in need most appreciate the gesture of a handmade gift made with love. Despite how busy I am I’ve been working on projects to donate. What better way to use up the quilt scraps and finally tackle those half finished abandoned projects? Knit remnants too big to throw away, but too small for most projects are the perfect size for preemie sleep gowns and hats! Scraps that would have been tossed in the garbage can become stuffing for a pet bed! Since I’m starting a little late, I know I may not finish my ambitious goals in time for the official gift giving holidays, however my donations will still be appreciated in January or February.  In fact, I plan to continue my charitable scrap & stash busting throughout the year.


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life and holiday preparations we can be so busy preparing for the holiday that we don’t feel the holiday spirit. Slowing down and making gifts for charity (and lucky family and friends) allows us to really relish the spirit of the season. So, AGF Sewists, turn on the holiday music, grab a mug of hot cocoa and sew! Who’s with me?


Here’s a list to check out:

Donate quilts and blankets to:

Baby Items for Hospital:

Hospital Pillow Cases for Children:

Pet Beds for Shelter Animals:

General Humanitarian Sewing

Check with local churches and sewing or quilting guilds for any local charities you may be able to sew for, contact local women's, homeless and pet shelters and see if they have need of anything.  Another important note, make sure to read up on the organization’s guidelines and requirements before starting a project, some have very specific sizes and material guidelines. 

Any experienced charity sewists out there?  Let us know which is your favorite charity to give to and any tips or advice you may have!

Happy Sewing!


Be the Best Secret Santa EVER!- Quick, easy, projects to make for the holidays!

Ho Ho Ho, 

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas or what? Thanksgiving is over and I had a blast and in Minnesota but I am happy to be back in warm sunny Florida! I know retail stores have been playing Christmas music for a while now but it is officially Christmas Crunch time in the AGF headquarters! We got our Christmas music on blast and are sewing up projects full of holiday cheer!

We are also getting ready to pick our Secret Santa's for the month of December! This is my favorite tradition at AGF where we get to give/ make presents for the person's name we draw and secretly give them small gifts to open in the days leading up to Christmas! So if your work place, or family and friends do Secret Santa's, I gathered up some great sewing tutorials for all you crafty makers to make your gifts and to cut down on buying present this year! 

Pinterest-Secret Santa-Gift Giving Made Easy

My hope is to help you all use up alot of your scraps to clear a lil more room in your sewing areas! ;) Also there is nothing better then a handmade gift!  Plus all these gift ideas are free sewing patterns


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AGF Mood Monday - Landscapes


I hope you are starting your week in an amazing mood. There was something really energising about the long weekend, and I hope you feel the same way.

Now that the temperature has (finally) started to drop in South Florida, we can sense a bit of change in the landscape, and I am sure for those of you in other states or countries, the change is more evident.

That got me to think about the different kinds of landscapes and how many times we live in such beautiful places which we take for granted. We pass on going to the beach or going hiking because ¨it is not going anywhere.¨

Many times we move to a place so different to the one where we grew up and then it hits us. We start to long for that particular landscape, whether it is the beach, the mountains, the desert, and why not? some people miss a busy city with a building skyline in the background.

So which is your favourite landscape? Do you envision it in a particular weather?

For me, being able to look at the horizon and see mountains is the best feeling. The beach is beautiful, and many people come to Miami to enjoy it, and I do, too, but a cold alpine place is where I feel the most grounded. I love pine tree forests with still reflecting creeks; their smell, the light through the canopy. It is humbling and reassuring. 

Here is a pine tree-inspired fabric against a mountainous background to help you start your week in a great mood. 


Mood_monday_landscapes2The fabric is Evergreen Dusk by Katarina Roccella for the Blithe collection

I hope you enjoy it,


Fussy Cut, Appliqué, Repeat- Indie Style Sewing Patterns

Hello Makers, 

Have you seen the Indie Folk fabrics lookbook yet?  Words can't explain how amazing the appliqué projects are! So I knew I had to create a blog post all about different ways you can incorporate the art of appliqué into your sewing and diy projects. I am totally  in love with the bold, rich colors in Pat Bravo's new collection Indie Folk fabrics, which I think will go perfect paired with any sewing project this time of year! Take a look below at some of the great ways to add applique to garments and home decor projects for a indie style and boho flair.  


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Quilt Blocks and Cute Dino's - How to Make a Endless Squares Block

Hello Quilty friends, 

 Who is ready for Thanksgiving?! I know I can't wait to go home to Minnesota and spend time with my family and eat tons of amazing home cooked food! Another thing I am looking forward to is teaching my sister how to sew up some of the blocks in the AGF Quilt Block Collection to make her very FIRST quilt! I still remember sewing up my first quilt about three and a half years ago! I have learned so much since then and am so happy my sister caught the quilting bug! One of the blocks I will be showing her to make is the Endless Squares Block featuring Esoterra Fabrics! My favorite part about this block is the dino from the " Triceratops Pink" print that  I fussy cut on point for the center of my block! SO STINKIN CUTE!  I love the vibrant, dark colors in this collection and for all you dinosaur lovers out there this collection is definitely for you! 



Enjoy the video below to make a Endless Square Block! Make sure to share your quilt block creations on social media using the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection


Happy Sewing,


AGF Mood Monday - Holidays


So what do we do when the space for decorations coincides with the space for fabric? We find the balance.

With this upcoming holiday weekend it'd be awesome to start the week knowing: which is your favourite holiday, and why?

I love Halloween because I love dressing up.

Nevertheless, there is something indescribable about the end-of-the-year holidays. There is a calm and a warmth coming from almost everyone, with that nostalgia of another year that passes and another one that comes full of opportunities to start anew. Yes, it sounds corny, but there is honesty in saying "[we] need corny in our lives" (quote from the movie The Holiday).

So with that and this photo of the beautiful mess that our homes can become during the holiday season, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend and may you start your week in a great mood.

AGF Mood Monday-Holiday