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Hey There, 

What was your favorite toy when you where little? For me it was a little pink and white stuffed penguin that rattled when you shock it.  My mom made it for me  and gave it to me the day I was born. I carried that penguin around EVERYWHERE...I couldn't sleep, eat, or function unless I new exactly where it was. Not sure how me and my pal the penguin parted ways but we were inseparable for quite a long time. 

Stuffed animals or plushies are not only cute but are a great comforting gift to make for little kids. Below I share some of my favorite plushies patterns for sewists of all levels. 

Pinterest-Plushies- Sewing Patterns for Kids




1. Owl Pillow 

Whooo, likes owls? My sister and I love to collect all things owls, mugs, jewelry, stickers, you name it. This owl pattern can be made as a decorative pillow for an adult who loves owls or for your little one to snuggle with, either way this owl is just the cutest! We made our owl with the "Trekant Rows Candid" knit print from Heartland fabrics and added fun hand stitched details for the face.  


 2. Teddy Bear 

 How huggable does this patchwork teddy bear look? There is nothing  more classic then a good old fashion teddy bear. We made ours with a variety of cotton prints from Playground fabrics!  



 3. Kitty Cat 

Is someone in your family allergic to cats? Don't let that get in the way of your cat obsession, try making this adorable kitty for all the cat lovers in your life! We made ours with the "Dhurrie Luminary" print from Tapestry fabrics.  With felt for the eyes and nose and hand stitches for the paws this pattern looks just as cute as the real thing! ;) 



4. Spring Bunny Tutorial

What is more cute and cuddly then a bunny?  This spring bunny tutorial would make perfect gifts at Easter time.  We made ours with the "Mothlike Shadows Deep" knit print from Night Fall Fabrics.  We used faux fur for the inside of the ears to add even more comfy softness. How sweet are these big floppy ears?! 



5. Cloud Baby 

Cloud pillows with legs? They look so relaxed don't they? Hang them in your kids room or place them on their bed. Either way you decide to use these cute clouds will have your kids smiley ear to ear.


So which one was your favorite? Comment below to share. Also if you had a stuffed animal growing up what was it? I would love to know! 


Happy Sewing,