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AGF Mood Monday - Holidays


So what do we do when the space for decorations coincides with the space for fabric? We find the balance.

With this upcoming holiday weekend it'd be awesome to start the week knowing: which is your favourite holiday, and why?

I love Halloween because I love dressing up.

Nevertheless, there is something indescribable about the end-of-the-year holidays. There is a calm and a warmth coming from almost everyone, with that nostalgia of another year that passes and another one that comes full of opportunities to start anew. Yes, it sounds corny, but there is honesty in saying "[we] need corny in our lives" (quote from the movie The Holiday).

So with that and this photo of the beautiful mess that our homes can become during the holiday season, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend and may you start your week in a great mood.

AGF Mood Monday-Holiday