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AGF Mood Monday - Listen

Could there be a bigger love than the one we have for fabric and creating? I will dare to say there is a love that most of us share because it is the very thing that fuels us in those nights of stitching or designing, and that is the love for music.

Are there any fabric lovers/musicians in the house? And here is a weird one, do any of you NOT like music? (I met a person once...shocking).

It's interesting to read how deeply music can affect our mood, I'm sure most of us notice it on the superficial level, but there are studies that suggest that in the long run, certain types of music can alter our brain's chemistry, so amazing.

So what kind of music do you listen to? All time favourite song? What song gets you? And what is your go-to song when you're creating?

I couldn't pick a favourite, but as a genre I really like the blues because they can be both danceable (sp*?) and deep in the sense that the root is always the story-telling. They are also what branched out and became rock 'n' roll sooo there is that. ONE of my favourite songs (who can really pick only one?) is "First Time I Met The Blues" by Buddy Guy, and when it comes to creative processes, it depends on the project, if it's something like painting then a more upbeat song like Wanda Jackson's "Shakin' All Over,", but drawing needs to be something soft maybe from Frank Sinatra.

Your turn.

Also, if you are one of the first two people to tell me which notes are marked on the keyboard I might* send you some music-in-the-form-of-fabric (the might* means I will).





(fabrics from Heart Melodies and Pastel Thrift collections by AGF Studio and Rock n' Romance by Pat Bravo)


Rock 'n' sew,