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14 ways to accessorize your home with textiles

To all fellow fabric addicts, as promised... I am focusing on home decor as I am obsessed with my new home and finding new and quirky ways to make it original. This post goes out to everyone out there who is always looking for the next DIY project or different ways to play around with textures and colors. Search no further, I put together a list of chic ways to inspire you into accessorizing every room in your home :)

Hope you like it!





1. Rugs, Rugs and Rugs.

If your home has carpet, add rugs. If your home has tiles, add rugs.  If your home has wood, add rugs. I feel like there is a pattern here..the point is, rugs will be your best friend. It will instantly make any room feel warmer and welcoming. Click here for the rug tutorial



Coastline By Sharon Holland


2. Tables need love too.

No table left alone should be a phrase, since there is nothing cozier and chic than adding some decorative items to any table, and it doesn't get any more decorative and chic than an elegant and modern table runner. Table Runner tutorial available here :)



Arizona After By April Rhodes


3. Pillows 2.0

There is no such thing as too many pillows. Now repeat three times. Cool, now let’s color outside the lines and allow tones to mix and textures to blend. Don’t be afraid of mixing prints together, sometimes if one consistent hue is present, that's all you need to create a rhythm and make your space come together! Learn how to make these pillows here and here.



Inblue by Katarina Roccella 


4. Netflix?

Imagine you just came home from work, tired with the need to rest or nap a little. Getting into bed all dressed up is not usually the norm, but I don't see anything wrong with taking off your shoes, turning on some Netflix and tucking your feet under a cozy bed runner. Pattern found here



AvantGarde By Katarina Roccella 


5. Wall lovin’

Minimalistic style or not, nothing goes with every style than a fabric hanged from a wall. Either it’s to give some contrast to your furniture, or to accessorize your walls without having to go through the trouble of painting (who has time for that anyways?) - whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong here.

Make your hanging quilt yourself.  


Lagom by AGF Studio 


6. Aesthetic ladder

Okay… so this one is not really about fabric, but it’s more about WHERE else to drape your fabric... Still counts right? We’ve all seen the perfectly hanged pashminas on a ladder next to a fireplace and a cute dog. (or maybe it was just me stalking Pinterest boards) regardless, this trending accessory is taking all spaces by storm and changing the rules of draping.


Observer by April Rhodes 


7. Do placemats

As a reference to our #2 item, I think we can come to the conclusion that tables can not be left unattended. Who can resist putting a fabric on top of wood, metal, etc.? we know we can’t. So when setting the table, let loose and play with colors. Placemats tutorial available here.


The Denim Studio by AGF Studio


8. Frames have other friends too.

Let your frames mingle with other items and instead of pictures, frame fabrics. We used embroidery hoops to change it up! But you could still gather different colors and size frames (or hoops) and play around with the composition on the wall to create a chic focal point for any room. Find the hoop tutorial here



Blush by Dana Willard 


9. Lightened up

Lightened up and fabric on. The effect of a fabric being constantly illuminated every print addict's dream. Well dream no further, because by giving your lamp this makeover your lampshade can be easily upgraded too. 


Arizona After by April Rhodes


10. Hampers out

Hampers should be out and about if they look like these ones. Fill them with blankets, throws or goodies for your kids- one this is for sure, with prints like these, whatever goes in them will not be the center of attention. Make your own hampers here :) 



Wonderful Things by Bonnie Christine 


11. Succulentmania

Succulents have been winning the plant game for a while. Maybe millennials are killing too many plants and these have become more practical? Whatever the reason, they are tiny which means they are cute and tiny and cute leads to tiny DIY projects with fabrics. Just take a look at these pots :) plant pots DYI available here.


Take Shape by AGF Studio 


12. You’ve got mail

 Never misplace a bill or a letter with this cute organizer you can make yourself in one afternoon. Hang anywhere just by adding a hook. Read the instructions and make your own organizer here.


Lagom by AGF Studio 


13. Bin in the oven?

Sort of… but definitely, involves cute storage space for your everyday things. Mix and match prints to upgrade any table or bookshelf. Bin tutorial available here. 


Take Shape by AGF Studio


14. Deco Garlins.

We already covered wall hangings, but we thought we should have a specific category for cute little garlins that could be styled anywhere in a home- including walls. Take these hearts, for example, hang all of them together or one and you'll be able to style them anywhere you desire! 



Canvas by AGF Studio 

15. Bonus

Hello, hello… bet you weren’t expecting an extra one. We added this bonus because we couldn't resist this indoor/outdoor fabric accessory beauty. Bring or make a tepee for your home to give your kids a new playing space. Disclaimer: yes we also wish we had one for adults too. Teepe tutorial available here!



Left: Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella and Pure Elements by AGF Studio 
Right: Bound by April Rhodes