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The cutest scissors ever!

Hey fabric friends!

Do you know what we love just as much as fabrics? Cute notions! We all know that the sewing community is all about having functional tools that will help us work faster but at the same time are cute enough to add to our Instagram pictures. You know we live for cute Instagram pictures! So, today I’m showcasing these fabulous little scissors that are sharp enough to cut stray threads but elegant enough to stage in a scene.

Vintage scissors 2

When Warm Crochet reached out to us and asked if we would like a pair of their scissors we got so excited! I even jumped out my seat and said “girls we’re getting cute scissors for pictures!” In less than two days the scissors arrived to the office and I opened them immediately. I was mesmerized by the beautiful silver Victorian design that consisted of tiny ornamental flowers.

But my favorite thing about them was the quality (you know we’re all about quality at AGF). My fingers fit nicely into the holes and although it looked delicate it was very sturdy and had a nice weight to it. The blades were sharp and the pointy tip came together nicely for precision.

Overall, I definitely recommend these scissors as a cute accessory for pictures and to cut small precise things. Now, enough of what I think about them. I encourage you to try them out yourself! You can purchase them on the Warm Crochet website and receive 10% discount by using the code “ARTGALLERY.”

If you’ve tried Warm Crochet scissors before let us know in the comments what you think. :)

Til next time,