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AGF Mood Monday - Your Story


It's been a minute since I last wrote here, but I am happy to be back and share with you our new AGF Mood Mondays: starting today, some Mondays we’ll talk about other things other than fabric. WAIT, WHAT? We know, how can we?

Of course all of us love fabric and everything that has to do with it, but over the past weeks, and with today's eclipse awesomeness, I have been thinking about all the things that make us ever-changing complex humans; all of our layers and moods.

For this first Monday I want to ask you about your story. How would you like your story to be written? What colours and fonts and style would you use, and what's a detrimental detail to be included? Could there be a fabric that summarises your story? Don't feel like fabric has to be a main part, but if it is, awesome!

I’ll go first to break the ice. The colour red is detrimental in my story, I am a redhead, and of course since I was little I have been nicknamed various red-like things (cherry, strawberry, beet, even orange, and ketchup! When I moved to the U.S I learned “ginger” is another nickname, but the reason behind that one remains a mystery), and maybe that’s the reason, but red is my favourite along with black and white. I like handwritten all caps fonts because they are imperfect but they can be harmonious, and to me they reveal something about our personality. I would love for my story to be put together with a thread that shows kindness even through the tough love that I sometimes practice. For the tone, most parts would be upbeat and dynamic, like a dancy rock n’ roll song, and in the parts of introspection more like a soft sound from a harmonica.

Hey, don't panic, fabric will still be in the centre of it all through these images that we created to start the week beautifully:

Modern type_1_ w texture

Type_1_w texture

Type fabrics_3


Type fabrics_2

In handwritten red ink,


The cutest scissors ever!

Hey fabric friends!

Do you know what we love just as much as fabrics? Cute notions! We all know that the sewing community is all about having functional tools that will help us work faster but at the same time are cute enough to add to our Instagram pictures. You know we live for cute Instagram pictures! So, today I’m showcasing these fabulous little scissors that are sharp enough to cut stray threads but elegant enough to stage in a scene.

Vintage scissors 2

When Warm Crochet reached out to us and asked if we would like a pair of their scissors we got so excited! I even jumped out my seat and said “girls we’re getting cute scissors for pictures!” In less than two days the scissors arrived to the office and I opened them immediately. I was mesmerized by the beautiful silver Victorian design that consisted of tiny ornamental flowers.

But my favorite thing about them was the quality (you know we’re all about quality at AGF). My fingers fit nicely into the holes and although it looked delicate it was very sturdy and had a nice weight to it. The blades were sharp and the pointy tip came together nicely for precision.

Overall, I definitely recommend these scissors as a cute accessory for pictures and to cut small precise things. Now, enough of what I think about them. I encourage you to try them out yourself! You can purchase them on the Warm Crochet website and receive 10% discount by using the code “ARTGALLERY.”

If you’ve tried Warm Crochet scissors before let us know in the comments what you think. :)

Til next time,


All Things Mini- Sunset Rays Mini Quilt Tutorial

Hi There, 

How is everyone enjoying their summer? It gets so hot in South Florida that I tend to be spending my weekends indoors at the movies, shopping, and sewing! There are two things I love most about sewing. First is COLOR, and second is making quick, fun, rewarding projects. If your anything like me you are going to love that we decided to celebrate our love for color by using the ColorFUN color of the month to create a mini of the month.  

The Sunset Rays Mini was made with fabrics from the Tangerine ColorFUN bundle. I also mixed and matched it with some yummy orangey pure elements, white, and our super dreamy linen for some added texture.  I loved using these fun fabric choices to make my mini come to life! 


Enjoy the tutorial and welcome to All Things Mini! 

Fabrics Used: 

Fabric A-GRD-79908 

Fabric B-FAN-4071

Fabric C-CUR-19138

Fabric D-SE-615

Fabric E-DEN-L-4000

Fabric F-PE-444

Fabric G -PE-457

Fabric H- PE-433


Backing- HBR-4434-6

 Finished Size 17" x 17"

Cutting Directions
Four (4) 1 1/2" x 17 1/2" strips from Fabric A

One (1) 2" x WOF strips from Fabric B,C,F,G,and H

Two (2) 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" strips from Fabric D
Two (2) 2 1/2" x 7 1/2" strips from Fabric D

Four (4) 1 1/2” x 17 1/2” strips from Fabric E

One (1) 2 1/2" square from Fabric H
One (1) 3 1/2" square from Fabric H
Two (2) 2 1/2" x 7 1/2" strips from Fabric H
Two (2) 2 1/2" x 11 1/2" strips from Fabric H

Backing - 20" x 20" square
Binding- 1 1/2" x 78" long strip

How to Make the Template

Draw a 10 1/2" square on card stock paper and cut in half on the diagonal. To make more of a permanent template trace your triangle onto a  clear plastic template sheet made by Dritz Quilting. I love making templates for all my quilting projects. (it makes life a little easier) 


 Step 1: Making your Triangle Strip Units 

Sew your 2" x WOF strips from Fabric B,C, F,G, and H together and press seams to one direction. Take your triangle template and cut out two triangles facing
the same direction.



Step 2: Assembling Other Triangles

Next sew a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"strip from Fabric D to each side of a 3 1/2" square from Fabric H. Press as you go. Now sew a 2 1/2" x 7 1/2" strip from Fabric D to the top and bottom. To finish off your block sew a 2 1/2" x 7 1/2" strip from Fabric H to the top and bottom and then sew a 2 1/2" x 11 1/2" strip to the sides of your piece!


Now take your triangle template and line the diagonal side of your template diagonally on your block and cut two triangles!


 Step 3: Finishing Touches 

Last step is to sew the strips in the center of our mini! Sew a 1 1/2" x 17 1/2" strip from Fabric A and E together to create four of these units. Sew your 2 1/2" square from Fabric H in between two of these units. Following the mini quilt illustration sew your strip units to your triangles and then sew your center strip to both sides of your mini quilt!



Square off your piece t0 17" x 17". Now it's time to quilt your mini masterpiece! I did some improv straight line quilting creating triangles within my mini. I decided to add some hand sewn stitches with some thinker embroidery thread. I like to try new things every time I quilt something. It's my time to get creative with my quilting and enjoy the process.  


 I binded my mini with the great orange textured denim from the Denim Studio which frames my mini marvelously! This is the start to my Mini ColorFUN Collection. I can't wait to create more mini's inspired by the ColorFUN color of the month! Stay tuned to my colorful mini quilt adventure! :) 



AGF Makers Spotlight Winner: Lindsay from @lindsayinstitches

Hey there, makers!

It’s that time where we get to reveal the winner of the AGF Maker’s Spotlight! This is always such a difficult decision because everyone’s projects are so creative. For this round our winner is Lindsay from @lindsayinstiches!

Makers Spotlight logo

We felt like her project was perfect for summer because every gal needs a comfy dress to wear during this hot weather. Plus, we loved how she hacked an existing tank pattern into a dress and made it with AGF Rayon! How cool is that?! Get to know Lindsay in our quick interview with and see how she jumped into garment sewing. ;)

1. Hi Lindsay! Can you tell us a little about yourself?   

Hi there! I’m Lindsay, you can find me on Instagram as @lindsayinstitches. I live in a small town in Wisconsin with my husband and three little ones. By day, I work as a Pediatric Nurse. In my spare time, you can usually find me sewing in my basement studio. I mostly sew garments, though someday, I'd really love to get into quilting. I figure I'll start that if my girls ever stop wanting clothes made by mom. I also just started doing some embroidery. I'm having fun sneaking those hand stitched details into some of my makes as well!


2. We love how creative you get when sewing garments for yourself and your kids! When did you start sewing garments?

I started sewing about four years ago. I didn't grow up with a sewing mom or grandma, so I'm pretty much self-taught through great patterns, sewing blogs, and trial and error. In the beginning, it was a lot more error than anything! My husband actually bought me my first sewing machine as a Christmas present. I asked for one so that I could make curtains for our home. Funny thing, I’ve yet to make a single curtain!

It was a slow and challenging start, but sewing has now become a way of life for me. At first, I was in need of a creative outlet and way to de-stress. I’ve always been a crafty person, but I’m also pretty practical. It was hard for me to justify time spent on a hobby. By making clothing, I was fulfilling my own need for creativity, but also meeting a basic need for my kids.

Now, I consider sewing and making a part of who I am, it's ingrained in me. I don't feel as much need to justify why I do it, like I did a few years ago. While a majority of what I make does get regular wear, I give myself the grace to also make things for the sake of learning or simply, just because!

3. Tell us all about your fabric choice and the hack you did to sew this beautiful dress that won the AGF Makers Spotlight.

I’m a big fan of April’s work. I think I have used every one of her fabric collections. When Heritage fabrics was revealed, I thought it was so beautiful-  both the designs and the story behind them. I was also thrilled to find out Art Gallery was producing rayon.

I used the Ogden Cami pattern from True Bias to make my dress. I’ve made a few Ogden cami’s in the past and find it to be a great staple pattern. I originally planned for this to be a looser fitting dress. Kelli, of True Bias, has a great tutorial on her blog on how to hack the Ogden Cami to a dress. While I love that boho look on others,I found that it just didn’t work on me. Since I had already included a fully lined bodice to accommodate the gathered skirt, I was able to easily add in an elastic channel at the waist to cinch it up.

This is an area I really feel I’m growing in as a garment sewist. I’m starting to recognize what fabrics, patterns and silhouettes work best for me. While there is nothing wrong with sewing a pattern as is (I still do that), I really love making little changes to help something better suit my style or vision. I’m so pleased with how this dress turned out. It is a really versatile piece and bonus- it is incredibly comfortable!


4. What did you love about sewing with AGF rayon?

AGF rayon has a beautiful hand and drape! Rayon is not always the easiest to work with, but this held a press beautifully and was quite opaque. I’m looking forward to working with it again! I can think of maybe, um, a thousand things I love to make!

5. What’s one of your most memorable sewing experiences?

One of the best stories in my life also involves a little sewing. When I was pregnant with my third child, we decided to find out the gender of the baby, like we had with our other two children. We were told in the ultrasound that we were having a boy. We already had a boy and a girl, so we were fine either way. I just like to plan!

The surprise of our life happened some months later when I delivered a beautiful baby GIRL into the world! Who knows what happened in that ultrasound appointment, we joke that the technician must have been new!

Anyways, on to the sewing part, I was so overjoyed to have another daughter to sew for that I ordered fabric online (a knit from Bonnie’s Winged collection!) from my hospital bed, just hours after she was born. I whipped up a matching headband and leggings the day after we brought her home! That was just the start of a whirlwind of baby girl sewing.

6.What’s your advice to those who want to venture into garment sewing but feel intimidated?

When I started sewing, I really had no idea what I was doing. If I can start from scratch, I’m sure anyone can. I started working with quilting cottons mostly because it was what was available at my local quilt shop. It ended up being for the best because I was able to work on the basics (hello bobbin tangles and tension issues!) without having the added challenges of shifty or stretchy fabric.

Look for patterns that don’t require a lot of fuss while you build your confidence. I had the best luck with Indie sewing patterns for ease of directions and accessibility in PDF format. Many of those pattern designers also have a lot of resources available through their blogs or websites to help you along. You can also consider choosing a pattern that has an online sew along or a designer/company with an active facebook group that can answer questions. It’s not the only way to go, but it worked well for me!


I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview! If you want to see more of Lindsay's creations follow her on Instagram at @lindsayinstiches.  Make sure to post all your AGF projects with the hashtag #AGFMakersSpotlight for a chance to win a bundle of fabrics and a feature on our Instagram and the blog. :)

Till next time!


Dog Bandana DIY - How to make a cute dog scarf? - Sew Crafty by AGF

Hello awesome makers!

Are you a pet lover? I know I am and I fall in love from the first sight with Falkor - our dog model for Little Town Lookbook :) He seemed to be very excited to be in the center of attention during the photo shoot;) We made him a dog bandana and he looked so cute wearing it! Falkor was so proud of his new fashion accessory that we decided to make a tutorial and potentially make more doggies out there as happy as he is. ;) So, rev up your sewing machine and make this cute bandana for your puppy ! All you need is 2 fat quarters of fabric and a button.


Watch the video below and have fun making this easy and cute project. We promise that your puppy's happy face will be priceless:) If you need to remind yourself how to attach buttonhole to your sewing machine watch the tutorial

Happy Sewing!


AGF Sponsors Stitcher Paradise Quilt Show in Tampa FL

Hello, fabric lovers!

We can all agree that it’s always fun to have a little sewing getaway. This is why i’m here to tell you all about Stitcher Paradise taking place in Tampa Bay, FL! This quilt show is all about inspiring, enlightening, and connecting with like minded sewists.  At Stitcher Paradise you'll find tons of vendors selling a myriad of AGF collections as well as threads and notions by other companies. One thing we're extremely excited about is that we are premium sponsors of this amazing show! We couldn't be happier to share our love for sewing by helping this quilt show come to life.

In addition to the fabulous marketplace where you can get all these goodies, you’ll be able to attend tons of workshops ranging from long-arm quilting to applique and even the history of fabrics making! :o

StitcherParadise_Sponsor_Icon_Rect (1)

If you’re in any of the states near Florida and you’re ready to take a road trip, I encourage you to pass by Stitcher Paradise. The event will run from August 17th-19th and admission is only $15 if you register online. Now that’s a deal!

Check out the Stitcher Paradise website to register and feel free to download their class brochure. We hope you have fun and that you shop 'til you drop in Tampa Bay, FL!

Happy fabric shopping!