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New Fusions collections by AGF to fall in love with!
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Mister Domestic's Sewing Party 2 with Fusions & Capsules Collections

Hello, fabulous makers!

It’s the start of the week and I hope you’re ready to get inspired! Do you remember some time ago when Mister Domestic hosted his first sewing party? It was filled with stunning quilts and a variety of cool projects made with our first round of Fusions and Capsules fabric collections. Not to mention that all the makers who participated were ah-mazing!


Since Mister Domestic knows how to have fun, he’s hosting another party. Stay tuned this week for Mister Domestic’s Sewing Party 2! This party will be featuring our new Capsule collection Le Vintage Chic and our newest Fusions (Woodlands, Spices, Bachelorette, and Reverie). It’s going to be out of this world!

Make sure to visit each maker’s blog to see all the beautiful projects they have made with Art Gallery Fabrics. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with everyone’s projects!

August 28th - Justin Stafford | @keatonquilts &

August 29th - Kristi McDonough | @schnitzelandboo &

August 30th - Paola Baker | @loveoffabrics

August 31st - Alisa Kutsel | @astitchinbetween &

September 1st - Elise Baek | @eliseandemelie &

September 2nd - Mathew Boudreaux | @misterdomestic &

You won’t want to miss this party! Feel free to follow all these awesome makers on Instagram and let me know in the comments who’s project you’re excited to see the most. 


‘Til next time,