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Get to know Pat Bravo and Mister Domestic in a funny ping pong questions interview!

Hello makers!

Isn't that amazing how passion connects us? We just feel like we know each other because we love sewing and fabric and we could spend hours talking about projects, techniques, sewing tools etc. This is what happened to Pat Bravo and Mister Domestic. Their love for sewing and quilting connected them and based on that passion an amazing friendship flourished. They created together video series EPP party that teaches English Paper Piecing. I hope that you participate in EPP already, if not you must visit Pat Bravo and Mister Domestic blogs and see all the EPP blocks they have shared so far. 


Ok, so we know that Pat Bravo and Mister Domestic share the same passion,  but do they agree on everything when it comes to sewing and every day life? Watch the fun video below and see what they agree and disagree on:)

I hope you had a good laugh! 

Happy sewing!