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AGF Mood Monday - Your Story


It's been a minute since I last wrote here, but I am happy to be back and share with you our new AGF Mood Mondays: starting today, some Mondays we’ll talk about other things other than fabric. WAIT, WHAT? We know, how can we?

Of course all of us love fabric and everything that has to do with it, but over the past weeks, and with today's eclipse awesomeness, I have been thinking about all the things that make us ever-changing complex humans; all of our layers and moods.

For this first Monday I want to ask you about your story. How would you like your story to be written? What colours and fonts and style would you use, and what's a detrimental detail to be included? Could there be a fabric that summarises your story? Don't feel like fabric has to be a main part, but if it is, awesome!

I’ll go first to break the ice. The colour red is detrimental in my story, I am a redhead, and of course since I was little I have been nicknamed various red-like things (cherry, strawberry, beet, even orange, and ketchup! When I moved to the U.S I learned “ginger” is another nickname, but the reason behind that one remains a mystery), and maybe that’s the reason, but red is my favourite along with black and white. I like handwritten all caps fonts because they are imperfect but they can be harmonious, and to me they reveal something about our personality. I would love for my story to be put together with a thread that shows kindness even through the tough love that I sometimes practice. For the tone, most parts would be upbeat and dynamic, like a dancy rock n’ roll song, and in the parts of introspection more like a soft sound from a harmonica.

Hey, don't panic, fabric will still be in the centre of it all through these images that we created to start the week beautifully:

Modern type_1_ w texture

Type_1_w texture

Type fabrics_3


Type fabrics_2

In handwritten red ink,