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Mister Domestic talking about AGF knits - Learn how to sew with knit on your home sewing machine

Hola, all makers!

Do you like our series of Let's Talk Fabric where Mister Domestic is giving some tips about AGF substrates? So far he talked about:

If you haven't watched his tips make sure to check them out. They will help you to master your sewing skills. Today Mister Domestic talks about knit fabric- my favorite substrate. I love knit so much because of its softness. Did you see the nursing cover tutorial I made with just one seam? I didn't know sewing with knit could be so easy! The fabric is very "forgiving" so even all of you who are new to sewing can try making something with knits!


Enjoy the video and let us know in comments what have you made recently with knits:)

Happy Sewing!