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Get inspired with yellow - color of July in AGF Color FUN series!

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Hello color lovers!

Here in South Florida the sun is shining so bright this summer, that is basically told us what color had to be next in our Color Fun blog series!;)

We decided to give a spotlight to the the luminous and bright color - yellow. It’s the color of hope, happiness, optimism and creativity. We encourage you to bring sunshine to your life with happy yellow fabric prints.

Yellow fabric in home decor sewing

If you're considering redecorating your house for summer - yellow will be your go-to color. Have you been looking for new upholstery fabric for your sofa or chairs? How about bold yellow canvas from Dana’s Willard collection Boardwalk Delight ( C-787 Soda Straws)? Combining yellow with white makes it a little less luminous and more delicate. Also you can combine it with grey if you want to tone down the brightness of yellow. How about sewing some yellow home decor accents like pillows, or rugs to bring life to the home? Also you can choose one of our free quilt patterns and try to make it with yellow fabrics prints. The possibilities are endless!

Yellow fabric in garments sewing

Don’t hesitate to incorporate yellow into your garments this season! No matter your skin tone, yellow is an option for everyone. Yellow is a primary color, which means that it looks great when worn by itself. It’s also the color that captures our attention more than any other color. That’s why sunny yellow from head to toe may seem a little too bold for some of us. You can combine it with complementary - purple or analogous orange and green. (take advantage of the color wheel to become a color matching expert.;))

Notice all the beauty of yellow objects surrounding you: sunflowers, lemons or sun rays... Aren't they so fresh and beautiful? We prepared a little mood board for you to get inspired.


Take a look at the yellow prints we chose for this edition of Color FUN. If you have ever made anything with these prints, remember to send us pictures of your projects to [email protected] and get a chance to be featured on the AGF blog:)

  Yellow Fabrics graphic1


Capsules by AGF Studio (CAP-L-3007 Love Dream)

Cleta by AGF Studio (CL-30043 Twigged Path Sunlit)

Fantasia by Sarah Lawson (FAN-4075 Equus Crest Shine)

Fiesta Fun by Dana Willard (FFN-13845 Zocalo Lemon) 

Abloom Fusion by AGF Studio (FUS-A-401 Fashion Scent Abloom)

Indie Boheme by Pat Bravo (IBH-74210 Trouvaille Routes Sun)

Joie de Vivre by Bari J. (JOI-79128 Shibori Sun)

Morning Walk by Leah Duncan (MWK-1110 Bare Nopal Gleam) 

Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard (BWD-787 Soda Straws)

Wonderful Things by Bonnie Christine (WOT-31407 Blooming Brook Sol)





We hope you will start using more yellow hues for your summer sewing projects. If you love this bundle of fabrics you can get it at Fat Quater Shop or try your luck in our Color FUN Giveaway! To participate simply fill out the form below. :) By entering the giveaway you are automatically signed up to our newsletter. :) 


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Happy sewing!